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awesome-zsh-plugins - A collection of ZSH frameworks, plugins & themes inspired by the various awesome list collections out there


A collection of ZSH frameworks, plugins, tutorials & themes inspired by the various awesome list collections out there. Please read the Contributing Guidelines before contributing.

zsh-history-substring-search - 🐠 ZSH port of Fish history search (up arrow)

  •    Shell

This is a clean-room implementation of the Fish shell's history search feature, where you can type in any part of any command from history and then press chosen keys, such as the UP and DOWN arrows, to cycle through matches. Bind keyboard shortcuts to this script's functions.

zsh-autocomplete - 🤖 Real-time type-ahead completion for Zsh

  •    Shell

zsh-autocomplete adds real-time type-ahead autocompletion to Zsh. Find as you type, then press Tab to insert the top completion, ShiftTab to insert the bottom one, or ↓/PgDn to select another completion. Besides live autocompletion, zsh-autocomplete comes with many other useful completion features.

zsh-vi-mode - 💻 A better and friendly vi(vim) mode plugin for ZSH.

  •    Shell

💻 A better and friendly vi(vim) mode plugin for ZSH. Maybe you have experienced the default Vi mode in Zsh, after turning on the default Vi mode, you gradually found that it had many problems, some features were not perfect or non-existent, and some behaviors even were different from the native Vi(Vim) mode.

zsh-nvm - Zsh plugin for installing, updating and loading nvm

  •    Shell

nvm is an awesome tool but it can be kind of a pain to install and keep up to date. This zsh plugin allows you to quickly setup nvm once, save it in your dotfiles, then never worry about it again.The plugin will install the latest stable release of nvm if you don't already have it, and then automatically source it for you. You can upgrade nvm to the latest version whenever you want without losing your installed node versions by running nvm upgrade.

git-extra-commands - A collection of useful extra git scripts I've discovered or written, packaged for ease of use with shell frameworks

  •    Shell

A zsh plugin that packages some extra git helper scripts I've found. I only wrote a few of these scripts, and the ones I didn't each have whatever licensing is included in the file. This collection doesn't actually require ZSH, but packaging it as a ZSH plugin makes it more convenient for people using a ZSH framework to use this collection.

zsh-autopair - Auto-close and delete matching delimiters in zsh

  •    Shell

A simple plugin that auto-closes, deletes and skips over matching delimiters in zsh intelligently. Hopefully.


  •    Ruby

Tumult is an oh-my-zsh compatible plugin that adds macOS-specific functions and scripts to your ZSH environment. Tumult will check to see if you're running on macOS and not add aliases or inject its bin into your $PATH if you aren't. This allows you to use the same plugin list in all your environments without polluting your $PATH with incompatible functions and scripts on your non-Mac machines.

zsh-abbrev-alias - This zsh plugin provides functionality similar to Vim's abbreviation expansion.

  •    Shell

This zsh plugin provides functionality similar to Vim's abbreviation expansion. This plugin consulted http://zshwiki.org/home/examples/zleiab .

dotfiles - Personal configuration for zsh, vim, tmux and other tools

  •    Shell

This repository contains tools and configs I use in shell. No graphical stuff, usable both on server and personal workstation. Battle tested on macOS and various Linux distributions including Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and even WSL. I'm a big fan of XDG Base Directory Specification and organize my dotfiles in a way that they don't clutter the $HOME. I was able to reduce files required to be in $HOME to single .zshenv, everything else goes under standard XDG paths or launched via aliases. Additionally if you have root permissions, you can install dotfiles with zero home presence.

zsh-ec2ssh - zsh plugin to list up EC2 instances and ssh login the instances.

  •    Shell

zsh-ec2ssh lists up EC2 instances on your AWS account, and you can choose an instance graphically. Then zsh-ec2ssh issues a ssh command to login that instance. You often login EC2 instances if you are using AWS. Sometimes, you automate server generation, for example using autoscaling group; therefore, IP Addresses are not fixed. In that case, you need to look up the IP Addresses before ssh login. zsh-ec2ssh can make that work easier.


  •    Shell

These are my dotfiles configuration. It is mostly zsh, vim and tmux. Also include OS specific configuration. For OSX there is configuration for mjolnir and iTerm2. For Linux (Ubuntu/Mint) there is configuration for xbindkeysrc, xcape and conky. Warning: do understand the following commands before running. You might only want some specific parts, check below for vim and tmux.

zsh-autoswitch-virtualenv - 🐍 ZSH plugin to automatically switch python virtualenvs as you move between directories

  •    Shell

zsh-autoswitch-virtualenv is a simple ZSH plugin that switches python virtualenvs automatically as you move between directories. Simply call the mkvenv command in the directory you wish to setup a virtual environment. A virtual environment specific to that folder will now activate every time you enter it.

elixir-oh-my-zsh - Oh My Zsh plugin for Elixir, IEX, Mix and Phoenix

  •    Shell

Terminal shortcuts for Elixir developers. Enable it by adding elixir to the plugins array. You have to restart your current terminal in order to use the aliases below.

dotfiles - ⚙ @anvilabs' dotfiles

  •    Shell

This repository holds our opinionated configuration files. You can also fork this repo and keep it updated in case you want to make customizations.

tipz - Gives you helpful hints when you execute a command for which you have an alias defined

  •    Shell

Tipz is a small ZSH plugin, which gives you helpful hints when you execute a command for which you have an alias defined.

Zsh-100-Commits-Club - Promote writing Zsh software not simple scripts

  •    Makefile

documentation commits are counted but their number is divided by 2 and upper-limited to 10% of all commits. the code cannot have many forks (like $( …​ ) constructs) and calls to tools like grep, awk – such programming style is deprecated, described years ago in the now infamous Advanced Bash Scripting Guide and is not adequate for Zshell. See Zsh Native Scripting Guide for guidelines to how to code this way.

aterminal - :tada: An oh-my-zsh plugin for show platform versions

  •    Shell

Anything you think nice, fork it. Will very nice have your contribution.

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