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Wireshark - Network Traffic Analyzer

  •    C

Wireshark is a network traffic analyzer, or "sniffer", for Linux, macOS, *BSD and other Unix and Unix-like operating systems and for Windows. It uses Qt, a graphical user interface library, and libpcap and npcap as packet capture and filtering libraries.

gngr - A cross-platform browser focussed on privacy

  •    Java

gngr is an independent implementation of web standards in pure Java. It is not a wrapper around other browser engines. gngr plans to protect privacy by disabling Cookies, Javascript, XHR requests and providing fine granuality of control over them.

LibreCaptcha - Framework that allows developers to create their own CAPTCHAs

  •    Java

LibreCaptcha is a framework that allows developers to create their own CAPTCHAs. The framework defines the API for a CAPTCHA generator. It provides an HTTP interface for serving CAPTCHAs, Background workers to pre-compute CAPTCHAs and to store them in a database, Managing secrets for the CAPTCHAs (tokens, expected answers, etc), Safe re-impressions of CAPTCHA images (by creating unique tokens for every impression) and lot more.

NanoHTTPD – A Tiny web server in Java

  •    Java

NanoHttpd is a light-weight HTTP server designed for embedding in other applications.It supports HTTPS (SSL), Cookies, Built-in support for HEAD, POST and DELETE requests. You can easily implement/customize any HTTP method, though, File upload, HTTP 1.1 support and lot more.

Hekla - iOS and Android client for Hacker News (open source React Native app)

  •    TypeScript

Hekla is an iOS and Android client for Hacker News. Inspired by the Apollo client for Reddit. It supports Browse top stories, newest, show HN, ask HN and jobs, Login with your Hacker News account to vote, reply and flag stories, Tabbed interface for easy navigating, Readability mode/external browser options.

Defiant JS - Lightning-fast searches on JSON using XPath expressions, and transform JSON using XSLT

  •    Javascript

DefiantJS provides the ability for you to build smart templates applicable on JSON structures, based upon proven & standardized technologies such as XSLT and XPath. DefiantJS also extends the global object JSON with the method "search", which enables searches on JSON structures with XPath expressions and returns matches as an array-like object.

Trino - A query engine that runs at ludicrous speed

  •    Java

Trino is a highly parallel and distributed query engine, that is built from the ground up for efficient, low latency analytics. It is an ANSI SQL compliant query engine, that works with BI tools such as R, Tableau, Power BI, Superset and many others. It helps to natively query data in Hadoop, S3, Cassandra, MySQL, and many others, without the need for complex, slow, and error-prone processes for copying the data.

pusher-websocket-unity - Pusher Channels Unity Client Library

  •    CSharp

This library packages the official WebSocket .NET SDK for Pusher Channels as a .unitypackage and an UPM package to make it easier to use in Unity projects. For API documentation, see the pusher-websocket-dotnet README. 2.1.1 - Download the latest PusherWebsocketUnity-1.1.2+200211.unitypackage from releases 2.1.2 - Open a new/existing Unity project and make sure it is being opened by a supported version of Unity 2.1.3 - [if your Unity version is 2018.x.x] Make sure that under Edit -> Project Settings -> Player the Configuration -> Scripting Runtime Version is set to .NET 4.x Equivalent. 2.1.4 - Click on Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package..., find and select the PusherWebsocketUnity-1.1.2+200211.unitypackage and click Import on the Import Unity Package window.

pusher-channels-auth-example - A simple server exposing a pusher auth endpoint

  •    Javascript

This project aims to demonstrate how to implement a Pusher authorization endpoint using the pusher-http-node library. There's no concept of users - a valid token is provided to every request - so this shouldn't be used in production. You'll need to insert your appId, appKey, appSecret and cluster when deploying your app.

push-notifications-web - Beams Browser notifications

  •    Javascript

This is the web SDK for the Pusher Beams service. You can find the getting started guide here.

push-notifications-python - Pusher Beams Python Server SDK

  •    Python

The Pusher Beams Python server SDK is available on PyPi here.

push-notifications-go - Pusher Beams Go Server SDK

  •    Go

Refer to the example directory. Beams is owned and maintained by Pusher.

prom-rule-reloader - Watches configmaps for prometheus rules and keeps prometheus in-sync

  •    Go

Prometheus Rule Reloader aims to aggregate Prometheus recording and alerting rules from multiple Kubernetes ConfigMaps into a single configuration file for Prometheus. Prometheus requires all recording and alerting rules to be specified in rule_files it parses. When running on Kubernetes, these are usually stored in ConfigMaps inside the Prometheus namespace which are mounted into the Prometheus Pods at runtime.

NWWebSocket - A WebSocket client written in Swift, using the Network framework from Apple.

  •    Swift

A WebSocket client written in Swift, using the Network framework from Apple. NWWebSocket is owned and maintained by Pusher. It was originally created by Daniel Browne.

Pyphoon - ASCII Art Phase of the Moon (Python version)

  •    Python

Pyphoon is ASCII Art Phase of the Moon. Pyphoon only displays the near side of the Moon because the far side is never visible from Earth. This said, the near side either shows North pole up (for people living in northern Earth hemisphere) or South pole up (for people living in southern Earth hemisphere).

wttr.in - The right way to check the weather

  •    Python

wttr.in — the right way to check the weather. wttr.in is a console oriented weather forecast service, that supports various information representation methods like terminal oriented ANSI-sequences for console HTTP clients (curl, httpie, or wget), HTML for web browsers, or PNG for graphical viewers. wttr.in uses wego for visualization and various data sources for weather forecast information.

superagent - Ajax for Node.js and browsers (JS HTTP client)

  •    Javascript

SuperAgent is light-weight progressive ajax API crafted for flexibility, readability, and a low learning curve after being frustrated with many of the existing request APIs.

GoToSocial - Fediverse server project

  •    Go

GoToSocial is a Fediverse server project, written in Golang. It provides an alternative to existing projects such as Mastodon, Pleroma, Friendica, PixelFed etc. One of the key differences between GoToSocial and those other projects is that GoToSocial doesn't include an integrated front-end (ie., a webapp). Instead, like the Matrix.org's Synapse project, it provides only a server implementation and a well-documented API. On this API, developers are free to build any front-end implementation or mobile application that they wish.

Fritter - A free, open-source Twitter/Nitter client for Android and iOS

  •    Dart

Fritter is a free, open-source Twitter/Nitter client for Android and iOS. It supports Viewing profiles, Viewing tweets and replies, Viewing pictures, videos and GIFs in tweets, Searching for tweets and users.

RSS Parser - An Android library to parse a RSS Feed

  •    Kotlin

RSS Parser is an Android library to parse any RSS feed. With RSS Parser, you can fetch plenty of useful information from any RSS channel, be it a blog, magazine, or even a podcast feed.