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zotero-better-bibtex - Make Zotero effective for us LaTeX holdouts

  •    TypeScript

This extension aims to make Zotero (and soon Juris-M) effective for us text-based authoring holdouts; currently, that translates to the LaTeX/Markdown crowd. To get started, read the Installation instructions. At its core, it behaves like any Zotero import/export module; anywhere you can export or import bibliography items in Zotero, you'll find Better Bib(La)TeX listed as one of the choices. If nothing else, you could keep your existing workflow as-is, and just enjoy the improved LaTeX ↔ unicode translation on import and export and more accurate field mapping. Zotero does all its work in UTF-8 Unicode, which is absolutely the right thing to do. Unfortunately, for those shackled to BibTeX and who cannot (yet) move to BibLaTeX, unicode is a major PITA. Also, Zotero supports some simple HTML markup in your references that Bib(La)TeX won't understand.


  •    Javascript

This is zotero.org's web library capable of being installed/run on other websites for a single Zotero library (that is, one user library or one group library). It is currently limited to the javascript interface. That is the interface most users should see and use, as much of the functionality is unavailable otherwise. Google at a minimum also appears to index the pages after javascript has been executed. Static pages may not, therefore, provide much benefit, and necessitate significantly longer page loads as the api is queried on the server while a browser sees nothing. Fallback static pages would still be desirable, but are not a high priority.

zotero-api-node - Zotero API client for Node.js

  •    Javascript

A Zotero API client package for Node.js. This package tries to make it as easy as possible to bootstrap a Zotero client application in Node.js; it comes with hardly any runtime dependencies and provides four simple abstractions to interact with Zotero: Client, Library, Message, Stream. Clients handle the HTTPS connection to a Zotero data server, observing any rate-limiting directives issued by the server; you can configure settings (like API versions, default headers etc.) for each Client. Each Library represents a Zotero user or group library and is associated with a Client instance; a Library offers many convenience methods to make it easy to construct Zotero API requests. Each request and the corresponding response are then encapsulated in a Message instance, wich provides accessors and an extendable body parser collection to handle the various formats supported by Zotero. The Stream class, finally, uses a WebSocket connection to access the Zotero Streaming API, manages the subscription list locally, and automatically tries to re-open prematurely closed connections.

phpZoteroWebDAV - an implementation of a WebDAV server in php for use with zotero's sync functionality PLUS full access to zotero library and stored attachments (IMPORTANT: this original branch is no longer maintained; several patches have been applied in this fork: https://github

  •    PHP

an implementation of a WebDAV server in php for use with zotero's sync functionality PLUS full access to zotero library and stored attachments (IMPORTANT: this original branch is no longer maintained; several patches have been applied in this fork: https://github.com/ddean4040/phpZoteroWebDAV)

zotero-bits - CSL-related community feedback for Zotero


The issue tracker of the zotero-bits repository has been used to collect proposals from the Zotero user community concerning changes to the item types and fields available in Zotero. The repository was originally created by Avram Lyon (@avram) and available at http://github.com/avram/zotero-bits, but has been migrated in September 2016 to https://github.com/citation-style-language/zotero-bits, as many of the issues are tightly intertwined with CSL.

PhD-thesis - Experimental tech-demo for PhD thesis in Scientific Markdown; official:

  •    Shell

This repository stores both the content of my thesis (sources, data, figures and supplemental files), and the software toolchain used to compile it into the final printed and electronic versions. Please note: The latter version is official! This repository is just an experimental tech-demo & backup.

vscode-zotero - Zotero Better Bibtex citations for VS Code

  •    Javascript

This package adds Zotero support to VS Code Markdown editing. To use it, you will need to have the Better BibTeX plugin installed in Zotero. If you don't feel like typing citations out (and let's be honest, you don't), executing 'Zotero Citation Picker' will call up a graphical picker which will insert these for you, formatted and all.

plugin-zotero - Zotero plugin allows users to create bibliographies in ONLYOFFICE editors.

  •    Javascript

Zotero plugin allows users to create bibliographies in ONLYOFFICE editors using Zotero service. The plugin is pre-installed in ONLYOFFICE Workspace (both Enterprise and Community Edition), ONLYOFFICE cloud service, and ONLYOFFICE Personal. It can also be installed to Document Server and desktop editors manually.

zothero - Rapidly search and cite Zotero entries from Alfred

  •    AppleScript

Alfred workflow for rapidly searching your Zotero database and copying citations. Download the ZotHero-XYZ.alfredworkflow file from GitHub releases, and double-click the downloaded file to install.

Citr - A small library helping to parse citations between Markdown and CSL JSON

  •    TypeScript

A small library for parsing Markdown citeproc citations to valid CSL JSON (and vice versa). This module transforms citations as they are described in the Pandoc manual into valid CSL JSON that can then -- for instance -- be passed to citeproc-js.

zowie - Add Zotero select links to attachment files in a Zotero database

  •    Python

Zowie ("Zotero link writer") is a command-line program for macOS that writes Zotero select links into the file attachments contained in a Zotero database. Enter Zowie (a loose acronym for "Zotero link writer", and pronounced like the interjection). Zowie scans through the files in a local Zotero database, looks up the Zotero bibliographic record corresponding to each attachment file found, and writes a Zotero select link into the file and/or certain macOS Finder/Spotlight metadata fields (depending on the user's choice). A Zotero select link has the form zotero://select/... and when opened on macOS, causes the Zotero desktop application to open that item in your database. Zowie thus makes it possible to go from a file opened in an application other than Zotero (e.g., DEVONthink, Adobe Acrobat), to the Zotero record corresponding to that file.

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