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dns-zonefile - A DNS zone file generator and parser written in Javascript.

  •    Javascript

An RFC1035 compliant DNS zone file parser and generator for Node.js and browser.dns-zonefile accepts both zone data expressed as a JSON object or plain text zone file. It supports SOA, NS, A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, PTR, SRV and TXT record types as well as the $ORIGIN keyword (for zone-wide use only). Each record type (and the $ORIGIN keyword) is optional, though bind expects to find at least an SOA record in a valid zone file.

udns - micro dns server

  •    Python

udns is an authoritative, caching DNS server for development and small deployments written in Python using the circuits Application Framework and the dnslib DNS library. udns can be run standalone, via Docker or using the Docker Compose tool. udns is designed to be small, lightweight, fast and flexible. udns fully supports forwarding, caching as well as honoring TTL(s). udns will also read your /etc/hosts file at startup and use this to populate an internal hosts cache so that entries in your local /etc/hosts file are fully resolvable with tools such as host, dig and resolver client libraries.

statzone - DNS zone file analyzer targeted at TLD zones

  •    Go

StatZone is a DNS zone file analyzer targeted at TLD zones. It is currently used to generate TLD Zone File Statistics on StatDNS.

zones - Zones proposal for JavaScript

  •    HTML

This proposal is in stage 0 of the TC39 process, and is getting formalized and fleshed out in preparation for further advancement. It was originally presented at the January 2016 TC39 meeting. At all six marked points, the "async context" is the same: we're in an "async stack" originating from the load event on window. Note how (3) and (4) are outside the lexical context, but is still part of the same "async stack". And note how the promise chain does not suffice to capture this notion of async stack, as shown by (6).

node-cldr - node

  •    Javascript

The extraction code was originally written for the inter i18n library, but can be used on its own. To understand the data itself, you might need to dive into the LDML specification, which describes the schema of the CLDR XML files.

dns - This is a sample repository for http://dns-api.com/ integration testing.

  •    DIGITAL

This repository is an example used to demonstrate the git-based DNS hosting service, which allows you to maintain your DNS records in a git repository. On the back-end your DNS is handled by Amazon's route53 infrastructure, giving you diverse, replicated, and highly-available DNS hosting.

vdom-live - Re-render virtual DOM when interesting things (page events) happen, without observables

  •    Javascript

Render virtual DOM as an element and then keep updating it as interesting things (page events) happen, without observables. Uses requestAnimationFrame to queue and debounce re-renders. Cleans up event listeners when root element is removed from the document tree.

yamaha-nodejs - A node module to control your yamaha receiver

  •    Javascript

A node module to control your yamaha receiver. Tested with RX-V775, should work with all yamaha receivers with a network interface.