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netmq - A 100% native C# implementation of ZeroMQ for .NET

  •    CSharp

NetMQ is a 100% native C# port of the lightweight messaging library ZeroMQ.NetMQ extends the standard socket interfaces with features traditionally provided by specialised messaging middleware products. NetMQ sockets provide an abstraction of asynchronous message queues, multiple messaging patterns, message filtering (subscriptions), seamless access to multiple transport protocols, and more.

axon - message-oriented socket library for node.js heavily inspired by zeromq

  •    Javascript

Axon is a message-oriented socket library for node.js heavily inspired by zeromq. For a light-weight UDP alternative you may be interested in punt.Backed by node-amp-message you may pass strings, objects, and buffers as arguments.

zeromq.node - Node.js bindings to the zeromq library

  •    Javascript

ØMQ bindings for node.js. The same people (and more) who brought you zmq now bring you zeromq, under the official zeromq GitHub organization.

gophernotes - The Go kernel for Jupyter notebooks and nteract.

  •    Go

Acknowledgements - This project utilizes a Go interpreter called gomacro under the hood to evaluate Go code interactively. The gophernotes logo was designed by the brilliant Marcus Olsson and was inspired by Renee French's original Go Gopher design. Important Note - gomacro relies on the plugin package when importing third party libraries. This package works reliably on Mac OS X only with Go 1.10.2+ as long as you never execute the command strip gophernotes. If you can only compile gophernotes with Go <= 1.10.1 on Mac, consider using the Docker install and run gophernotes/Jupyter in Docker.

nteract - 📘 The interactive computing suite for you! ✨

  •    Javascript

nteract is first and foremost a dynamic tool to give you flexibility when writing code, exploring data, and authoring text to share insights about the data. Edit code, write prose, and visualize.

pushpin - Reverse proxy for realtime web services

  •    C++

Pushpin is a reverse proxy server written in C++ that makes it easy to implement WebSocket, HTTP streaming, and HTTP long-polling services. The project is unique among realtime push solutions in that it is designed to address the needs of API creators. Pushpin is transparent to clients and integrates easily into an API stack. To assist with integration, there are libraries for many backend languages and frameworks. Pushpin has no libraries on the client side because it is transparent to clients.

node-logstash - Simple logstash implmentation in nodejs : file log collection, sent with zeromq

  •    Javascript

It's a NodeJS implementation of Logstash. node-logstash is a tool to collect logs on servers. It allows sending its logs to a central server and to ElasticSearch for indexing.

Libcurve - An encryption and authentication library for ZeroMQ applications

  •    C

Curve implements the CurveZMQ elliptic curve security mechanism, for use in ZeroMQ applications. This library is primarily a reference implementation for the CurveZMQ specification but may also be used for end-to-end security. CurveZMQ creates encrypted sessions ("connections") between two peers using short term keys that it securely exchanges using long term keys. When the session is over, both sides discard their short term keys, rendering the encrypted data unreadable, even if the long term keys are captured. It is not designed for long term encryption of data.

aiozmq - Asyncio (pep 3156) integration with ZeroMQ

  •    Python

asyncio (PEP 3156) support for ZeroMQ.The difference between aiozmq and vanilla pyzmq (zmq.asyncio).

fszmq - An F# binding for the ZeroMQ distributed computing library

  •    F#

fszmq is an MPLv2-licensed F# binding for the ZeroMQ distributed computing library. It provides a complete binding to versions 2.1.x, 3.2.x, 4.0.x, 4.1.x of ZeroMQ (Note: prior to 4.0.0, each binding is a separate branch in git, as there are some non-compatible differences). This library is primarily designed to be consumed from F#. However, where possible, the library has been designed to appear "friendly" when consumed by other CLR languages (C#, et aliam).Please note: the fszmq NuGet package ONLY provides the managed fszmq.dll file. You need to provide the native libzmq file(s) appropriate to your platform.

lzmq - Lua binding to ZeroMQ

  •    Lua

Support ZeroMQ version 3.2.x/4.x This library is not dropin replacement for lua-zmq library. This library has C and FFI version of binding.This is short API description. See also exampes from OMQ - The Guide.

chumak - Pure Erlang implementation of ZeroMQ Message Transport Protocol.

  •    Erlang

chumak is a library written in Erlang. It implements the ZeroMQ Message Transport Protocol (ZMTP). chumak supports ZMTP version 3.1.The goal of chumak application is to provide up-to-date native Erlang implementation of ZMTP.

sleuth - A Go library for master-less peer-to-peer autodiscovery and RPC between HTTP services

  •    Go

sleuth is a Go library that provides master-less peer-to-peer autodiscovery and RPC between HTTP services that reside on the same network. It works with minimal configuration and provides a mechanism to join a local network both as a client that offers no services and as any service that speaks HTTP. Its primary use case is for microservices on the same network that make calls to one another.sleuth is dependent on libzmq, which can be installed either from source or from binaries. For more information, please refer to ØMQ: "Get the Software" or the libzmq repository.

node-actorify - Turn any node.js duplex stream into an actor

  •    Javascript

Turn any duplex stream into an actor. Built on the the AMP protocol for opaque binary and javascript argument support.Actors are similar to traditional RPC however they are isolated units of communication, an actor receives and sends zero or more messages to and from its peer with bi-directional messaging. Typical RPC is done at the process-level, meaning in order to work with data coupled with an identifier such as a user id that the id must be passed each request, whereas an actor may retain this state.

node-amp - Abstract message protocol for nodejs

  •    Javascript

Abstract Message Protocol codec and streaming parser for nodejs.AMP is a simple versioned protocol for framed messages containing zero or more "arguments". Each argument is opaque binary, thus you may use JSON, BSON, msgpack and others on top of AMP. Multiple argument support is used to allow a hybrid of binary/non-binary message args without requiring higher level serialization libraries like msgpack or BSON.

node-amp-message - Higher level AMP message manipulation

  •    Javascript

High level AMP Message implementation for manipulating, encoding and decoding AMP messages.Initialize an empty message.

node-1 - Distributed pub/sub based in ØMQ

  •    Javascript

Distributed pub/sub based in ØMQ.Before you install the module through NPM, using npm install 1, make sure you take care of the instructions below.

txZMQ - ZeroMQ bindings for Twisted

  •    Python

txZMQ allows to integrate easily ØMQ sockets into Twisted event loop (reactor).txZMQ supports both CPython and PyPy and ØMQ library version 2.2.x or 3.2.x.

distributed-jwt-cracker - An experimental distributed JWT token cracker built using Node

  •    Javascript

An experimental distributed JWT token cracker built using Node.js and ZeroMQ. It can be used to discover the password (or "secret") of an unencrypted JWT token using a HS256 signature. Requires ZeroMq libraries to be already installed in your machine.

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