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create-react-app - Create React apps with no build configuration.

  •    Javascript

Create React apps with no build configuration.Create React App works on macOS, Windows, and Linux. If something doesn’t work, please file an issue.

react-snap - πŸ‘» Zero-configuration framework-agnostic static prerendering for SPAs

  •    Javascript

Pre-renders web app into static HTML. Uses headless chrome to crawl all available links starting from the root. Heavily inspired by prep and react-snapshot, but written from scratch. Uses best practices to get best loading performance. Zero configuration is the main feature. You do not need to worry how does it work or how to configure it. But if you are curious here are details.

cote - A Node.js library for building zero-configuration microservices.

  •    Javascript

cote lets you write zero-configuration microservices in Node.js without nginx, haproxy, redis, rabbitmq or anything else. It is batteries — and chargers! — included. Join us on for anything related to cote.

create-next-app - Create Next.js apps in one command

  •    Javascript

Open http://localhost:3000 to view your running app. When you're ready for production, run npm run build then npm run start. You don't need to install or setup Webpack or Babel. They come packaged with next, so you can just start coding.

docz - ✍🏻It has never been so easy to document your things!

  •    TypeScript

Libraries that make our life easier coming up every day. Styleguides and design system are growing so fast. Today, tools that allow us to be quick and effective in what we are doing are really necessary. We can't lose time with tasks that should be trivial for us. Thinking about that docz came out. Documenting our things is one of the most important and heavy processes when you're creating something new. We waste a lot of time with unnecessary setups to build something that can represent and we want with our own style.

rogue.js - Rogue.js - the "nearly invisible" server-rendering framework for React applications

  •    Javascript

Rogue streamlines the process of creating server-rendered React applications. We call Rogue a nearly invisible framework, because it doesn't require a special /pages directory (like Nextjs) or a separate routes.js file (like Afterjs); all you need, is the App.js entry point you'd usually have. This means that you can wrap your app in layouts/transitions/providers, etc. the same way you would in a regular React Application, and staying true to React's values, you can organize your code however you like.

create-guten-block - πŸ”₯ βš›‏ πŸ“¦ A zero-configuration #0CJS developer toolkit for building WordPress Gutenberg block plugins

  •    Javascript

create-guten-block is zero configuration dev-toolkit (#0CJS) to develop WordPress Gutenberg blocks in a matter of minutes without configuring React, webpack, ES6/7/8/Next, ESLint, Babel, etc. Create Guten Block is not like other starter-kits or boilerplates. It's a developer's toolbox which is continuously updated. Since it has zero-configuration, you can always update it without any changes in your code.

static-react - Zero-configuration CLI React static renderer

  •    Javascript

Use the getInitialProps static method to fetch data or get server-side props for things like CSS-in-JS libraries. Use the getInitialProps to pass side effects from CSS-in-JS libraries as props.

Noderize - Create a Node app in less than 30 seconds.

  •    Javascript

It aims to get out of your way and not require any configuration until you need it, while supporting loads of features.

net-L - Logging as simple as it can be.

  •    CSharp

Logging as simple as it can be.Most of the time I don't need a sophisticated logger and I got tired of configuring the same thing for log4net over and over again.

nodecube - A batch of continuously updated base code and configurations for the minimal modern node

  •    Javascript

nodecube is a batch of continuously updated base code and configurations for the minimal modern node.js service that conform to RESTful API, 12-Factor App, Microservice Architecture

cote-workshop - Microservices case study with cote.js

  •    Javascript

This project aims to show a microservices architecture built with cote.js, an auto-discovery mesh network framework for building fault-tolerant and scalable applications. It's an example e-commerce application with a complete feature set from admin interface to end user interface, and 4 different microservices for dealing with payments, products, purchases and user management.

jetpack - Jetpack makes running browser JavaScript as easy as using `node .`

  •    Javascript

Rapidly start, develop, build and release production ready apps. Jetpack makes running browser JavaScript as easy as running node script.js. Jetpack wraps webpack and nodemon to give you the quickest development workflow. Why use jetpack? To avoid rolling your own custom webpack config or copy pasting it from another project. Jetpack has a good set of defaults that should get you off the ground immediately. And with the universal jetpack/handle middleware you don't have to worry about wiring up webpack dev middleware or dev server - everything just works.

infrared - :sparkles::rocket: Blazing fast, light-weight, inferred static type checker for JavaScript

  •    OCaml

Blazing fast, light-weight, inferred static type checker for JavaScript. Infared is a static analysis tool that eliminates 99% of runtime type errors. This is done by statically inferring a fluid type system onto your program, and identifying any potential type errors that can occur, before they happen.

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