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uno-zen - Minimalist and Elegant theme for Ghost. Demo @ https://kikobeats.com

  •    CSS

Minimalist and Elegant theme for Ghost. NOTE: Commercial version is available as Uno Urban.

vps - A handy bash script to setup crypto masternodes in no time

  •    Shell

The Nodemaster scripts is a collection of utilities to manage, setup and update masternode instances. I am quite confident this is the single best and almost effortless way to setup different crypto masternodes, without bothering too much about the setup part.

clarity - Clarity theme for Gitbook designed for The Zen Approach

  •    CSS

Now when building or serving gitbook you can reference /path/to/clarity/lib/ as your theme.

Zen - Distraction free writing for Atom.

  •    CoffeeScript

Distraction free writing for Atom. Note that settings are not available until the package has been activated, due to a shortcoming in core. Also, if you change themes, you might need to reload Atom for the colors to be applied correctly to all packages including Zen.

Zen-of-Python-all-languages - Translations for the Zen of python


This is an initiative to list tranlations for the Zen of Python in different languages. The Zen of Python is a collection of 20 software principles that influences the design of Python Programming Language —only 19 of which were written down—around June 1999 by Tim Peters. The principal text is released into public domain.

zen-of-fortran-talk - a path to discover Modern Fortran, a poor, informal talk for newbies Fortraners

  •    Fortran

This is an informal talk by a poor Fortraner, do not aspect to learn a lot, probably you already know more Fortran than me... The Talk is made by means of MaTiSSe, the sources are contained into the src/ subdirectory of this repository.

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