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zap - Blazing fast, structured, leveled logging in Go.

  •    Go

Blazing fast, structured, leveled logging in Go.Note that zap only supports the two most recent minor versions of Go.

zap-hud - The OWASP ZAP Heads Up Display (HUD)

  •    Java

The HUD is an interface that provides the functionality of ZAP directly in the browser. In all cases you will need Java 8+ installed.

zapext - Zap logging package extensions

  •    Go

Zap logging package extensions. zapsyslog package can be used to log entries into syslog.

gorm-zap - Alternative logging with zap for GORM ⚡️

  •    Go

In comparison to gorm's default logger, gormzap is faster, reflection free, low allocations and no regex compilations. According to our benchmark, gormzap makes DB operations at least 5% faster and reduce object allocations.

zap-examples - Examples of using Uber's zap Go logging library

  •    Go

Examples of using Uber's zap Go logging library

zap-ltsv - LTSV encoder for github.com/uber-go/zap

  •    Go

A Labeled Tab-separated Values (LTSV) encoder for uber-go/zap: Fast, structured, leveled logging in Go..

loggerX - Log Factory

  •    Go

Log Factory. mix together log4go,logrus and zap, not only that,loggerX will also give you more creativity

zapx - ⚡️ Extensions, integrations, and wrappers for Uber's Zap logging library

  •    Go

Extensions for uber-go/zap, a structured logging library for Go. Refer to the godoc for a complete listing of available packages and their functionality.

cannon - Canonical log lines for Go - Built on top of Uber's Zap logging library

  •    Go

Cannon builds on top of Uber's zap logging library to facilitate canonical logging in Go. Canonical log lines (i.e. a single summary line emitted per request per service) are a great way to assist with performance monitoring. Stripe's engineering blog has a good overview of the benefits of canonical log lines. This library plugs into zap to let you emit a canonical log line at the end of processing each request by aggregating your structured key-value log entries throughout the duration of the request. Many more examples are listed on Stripe's blog post linked above.

zap - :zap: Delightful AppImage package manager

  •    Go

Looking for the older Zap v1 (Python) implementation? Head over to v1 branch. For installing zap you can use our little bash script.

action-baseline - A GitHub Action for running the OWASP ZAP Baseline scan

  •    Javascript

A GitHub Action for running the OWASP ZAP Baseline scan to find vulnerabilities in your web application. The ZAP baseline action scans a target URL for vulnerabilities and maintains an issue in GitHub repository for the identified alerts. Read the following blog post for additional information.

action-full-scan - A GitHub Action for running the OWASP ZAP Full scan

  •    Javascript

A GitHub Action for running the OWASP ZAP Full Scan to perform Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST). The ZAP full scan action runs the ZAP spider against the specified target (by default with no time limit) followed by an optional ajax spider scan and then a full active scan before reporting the results. The alerts will be maintained as a GitHub issue in the corresponding repository.

fasthttp-guide - step by step to build web application via fasthttp

  •    Go

I had built some business project with golang about 5 years. And use fasthttp in different projects over 2 years. fasthttp help to build high performance API server / web server / proxy, etc. I had shared some good practice and experience of fasthttp to friends in tech meet up. It’s excited for me to share something, and friends enjoy on it. So, I write this booklet to help some developer that work in a web application. There are some different between ‘standard’ go net/http and fasthttp. I will clarify the different , show out the How/when/why to use fasthttp. show ideas, basic usage and experience of fasthttp.

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