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yuicompressor - YUI Compressor

  •    Java

The YUI Compressor is a JavaScript compressor which, in addition to removing comments and white-spaces, obfuscates local variables using the smallest possible variable name. This obfuscation is safe, even when using constructs such as 'eval' or 'with' (although the compression is not optimal in those cases) Compared to jsmin, the average savings is around 20%. If no input file is specified, it defaults to stdin.

yuidoc - YUI Javascript Documentation Tool

  •    HTML

YUI's JavaScript Documentation engine. YUIDoc is a Node.js application used at build time to generate API documentation for JavaScript code. YUIDoc is comment-driven and supports a wide range of JavaScript coding styles. The output of YUIDoc is API documentation formatted as a set of HTML pages including information about methods, properties, custom events and inheritance for JavaScript objects.

yeti - Yeti automates browser testing.

  •    Javascript

Yeti automates tests written for various test frameworks. Yeti scales from your dev box (where it works by itself) to your CI system (where it launches browsers with Selenium) without changing your existing tests. You can use any of these test frameworks with Yeti.

Yahoo User Interface Web Controls for Asp.Net

  •    ASPNET

A library of web controls which wrap the functionality of the Yahoo! User Interface Library.

Yahoo! UI Library: YUI Compressor for .Net

  •    Javascript

This is a .NET port of the Yahoo! UI Library's YUI Compressor Java project. The objective of this project is to compress any Javascript and Cascading Style Sheets to an efficient level that works exactly as the original source, before it was minified.

express-yui - Express extension for YUI Applications.

  •    Javascript

Express extension for YUI applications.This component extends Express by adding a new app.yui member to the Express application. It is responsible for controlling and exposing both the YUI configuration and the application state on the client side as well as controlling the YUI instance on the server.

js-module-formats - Detect different types of javascript modules formats

  •    Javascript

Micro library to detect different types of JavaScript modules formats given some JavaScript source code.With the new ES Module syntax arrival, projects will commence the transition to write modules in ES format, and in some cases, rewrite/adjust modules to be ES module. As a result, complex applications might ended up having multiple module formats in their application, while the proper transpile process will be necessary. This micro library will help you to detect what type of module does a JavaScript file defines, and take the appropriate steps based on that information.

locator-handlebars - Handlebars template compiler for locator

  •    Javascript

Handlebars template compiler for Locator.locator-handlebars can be plugged into the Locator component to compile Handlebars templates. These compiled templates could then be used both on the server in an express application using express-view, and on the client using your favorite module loader. locator-handlebars supports the YUI module format out of the box to be able to use the templates with YAF, but can be extended to support any module format.

grunt-saucelabs - Grunt task for running all your browser tests using Sauce Labs

  •    Javascript

A Grunt task for running QUnit, Jasmine, Mocha or any framework using Sauce Labs' Cloudified Browsers. Grunt is a task-based command line build tool for JavaScript projects, based on nodejs. QUnit is a powerful, easy-to-use JavaScript unit test suite used by the jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile projects and is capable of testing any generic JavaScript code, including itself! Jasmine is a behavior-driven development framework for testing JavaScript code. Mocha is a JavaScript test framework for running serial asynchronous tests. Sauce Labs offers browser environments on the cloud for testing code.

yui-benchmark - A toolkit to simplify JavaScript performance testing.

  •    Javascript

A toolkit to simplify JavaScript performance testing. Here's an example using a simple JavaScript test to compare performance of Array creation.

upstage - A library for building web presentations.

  •    Javascript

Upstage is a library for building web presentations. This repository includes index.html as a starting point. Copy the build directory and index.html to your own workspace and get writing.

combohandler - A simple Yahoo!-style combo handler in Node.js.

  •    Javascript

This is a simple combo handler for Node.js, usable either as Connect middleware or as an Express server. It works just like the combo handler service on the Yahoo! CDN, which you'll be familiar with if you've used YUI. The combo handler is compatible with the YUI Loader, so you can use it to host YUI, or you can use it with any other JavaScript or CSS if you're willing to construct the combo URLs yourself.

minifyjs - A node-package for minifying javascript.

  •    Javascript

minifyjs is a Javascript code minifier written for node. It's aim is flexibility. This will install the current stable version. To install the latest development version, clone this repository and install it.

yui-configger - Unmaintained NodeJS scripts to extract meta-data from a folder of YUI modules & generate a Loader config

  •    Javascript

You can also optionally provide a list of search dirs to look for modules in, all paths will be relative to the root value. This pairs well with the --css flag, which will generate minimal metadata to allow the YUI Loader to load css files as modules for you. From the programmatic API you may also define a nameFn that will be invoked to determine the name of all non-YUI modules. The default nameFn will do the following for CSS files.

yui-modules-explorer - YUI Modules Explorer is a project which tries to save the developer from the monkey job of finding and populating the required YUI modules in JavaScript sources

  •    Javascript

YUI Modules Explorer (YME) is a project which tries to save the developer from the monkey job of finding and populating the required YUI modules in JavaScript sources. What it does is to parse the JavaScript files using esprima JavaScript parser and to match the used YUI classes to the required modules. In this case only one YUI class is used - Y.Overlay. So, the required module should be "overlay".

fid-umd - UMD writer for JavaScript - make your modules usable everywhere!

  •    Javascript

Using a universal module definition (UMD) with your JavaScript lets you write a library or module that can be used in every environment. You might be thinking of writing something that is only usable in the browser, but because you used UMD now a node.js developer can use your code as well. UMD also eliminates the need for global variables that point to other libraries because they are passed into your code. Until now, a developer would have to write their own module loading code. They would copy and paste, then tweak the top few lines of their JavaScript by hand or else just gear their code to a single module system. Alternately they would be forced to use a build system like Browserify to build files before they could be consumed by browsers.

ybuild - Unofficial YUI builder port to node.js

  •    Javascript

ybuild is a community contributed build system for creating YUI3.x components. It builds javascript and css components to fit the YUI3 Loader, which is part of the YUI Framework (http://yuilibrary.com/).

yui.rocket - A JavaScript MVC framework for scalable One-Page-Application using YUI

  •    Javascript

####Hello Rocket Rocket is aimed to build complex applications but it's easy to get started. Template is handlebars.JS by default. ####Model Binding By default every property of your view is automatically available in the template. If a model is bound its attributes will also be made available.

YUI-3-Stockpile - YUI 3 combo handler built on NodeJS that supports versioning, either for individual modules or for groups of modules

  •    Javascript

YUI 3 combo handler built on NodeJS that supports versioning, both for individual modules and for bundles of modules. The significant advance over other combo handlers is that you can upload new versions of individual modules or bundles at any time, but this will not break existing applications, because the old versions will still be available. This support for versioning allows you to host all the versions of all your modules on one server.

EventHub - Event-driven design

  •    Javascript

EventHub provides a server-side event hub and server and client side libraries to communicate with the hub. The hub broadcasts all events to all connected clients. Event callbacks are supported. Will change the port the EventHub listens on. Ensure you update your clients to point to this port.