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jackal - An XMPP server written in Go (Golang).

  •    Go

An XMPP server written in Go. jackal is a free, open-source, high performance XMPP server which aims to be known for its stability, simple configuration and low resource consumption.

ejabberd-api - ejabberd API library in Go and multi-platform command-line tool

  •    Go

Both the library and the command-line tool can be installed from source with go get tool. Once the get completes, you should find your new ejabberd (or ejabberd.exe) executable sitting inside $GOPATH/bin/.

gobot - xmpp and slack chatbot written in go

  •    Go

gobot is under active development, the api may change w/out warning. By itself, gobot just sits and listens for incoming messages. When a message is received, gobot passes the message on to any number of plugins. The plugins provide all the features of the chatbot.