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xhr - A small xhr wrapper

  •    Javascript

A small XMLHttpRequest wrapper. Designed for use with browserify, webpack etc. API is a subset of request so you can write code that works in both node.js and the browser by using require('request') in your code and telling your browser bundler to load xhr instead of request.

ajax - Ajax module in Vanilla JS

  •    Javascript

You may use a CDN to get the latest version.

Kakapo.js - :bird: Next generation mocking framework in Javascript

  •    Javascript

Kakapo its a full featured http mocking library, he allows you to entirely replicate your backend logic in simple and declaritive way directly in the browser. This way you can easily prototype and develop the whole Application without backend and just deactivate Kakapo when you go production. In order to achieve that Kakapo gives you a set of utilities like Routing, Database, Response, Request and so on... Use the kakapo router to declare two custom routes and returning custom data.

xr - Ultra-lightweight wrapper around XMLHttpRequest

  •    TypeScript

Really simple wrapper around XHR that provides a few bits of nice functionality, exposes the XHR object wherever relevant, and returns an ES6 Promise (or whatever Promise is set to globally, if you want to use something else). The idea was to make a pragmatic library that's pre-configured for the 90% use case, but override-able for anyone that wants to do anything a bit off the beaten track.

httpinvoke - A no-dependencies HTTP client library for browsers and Node

  •    Javascript

A no-dependencies HTTP client library for browsers and Node.js with a promise-based or Node.js-style callback-based API to progress events, text and binary file upload and download, partial response body, request and response headers, status code. Any one, two or three arguments can be skipped, except the url.

FakeRest - Patch fetch/XMLHttpRequest to fake a REST API server in the browser, based on JSON data.

  •    Javascript

Intercept AJAX calls to fake a REST server based on JSON data. Use it on top of Sinon.js (for XMLHTTPRequest) or fetch-mock (for fetch) to test JavaScript REST clients on the browser side (e.g. single page apps) without a server. FakeRest uses a standard REST flavor, described below.

SimpleRestClients - A simple set of wrappers for RESTful calls

  •    TypeScript

A library of components for accessing RESTful services with javascript/typescript.

requests - A streaming XHR module for Node.js and browsers.

  •    Javascript

Requests is a small library that implements fully and true streaming XHR for browsers that support these methods. It uses a variety of proprietary responseType properties to force a streaming connection, even for binary data. For browsers that don't support this we will simply fallback to a regular but async XHR 1/2 request or ActiveXObject in even older deprecated browsers.This module comes with build-in protection against ActiveX blocking that is frequently used in firewalls & virus scanners.

xhr-request - tiny http client for Node and the browser

  •    Javascript

An extremely tiny HTTP/HTTPS request client for Node and the browser. Uses xhr in the browser and simple-get in Node.Supported response types: JSON, ArrayBuffer, and text (default).

node-xhr2 - XMLHttpRequest emulator for node.js

  •    CoffeeScript

This is an npm package that implements the W3C XMLHttpRequest specification on top of the node.js APIs. This library is tested against the following platforms.

fetch-streaming - Simple XMLHTTPRequest-based `fetch` implementation for streaming content.

  •    Javascript

Simple XMLHTTPRequest-based fetch implementation for streaming content.60 LOC and no dependencies, works in all browsers.

mirage-server - A client-side server to develop, test and prototype your app.

  •    Javascript

A client-side server to develop, test and prototype your app. This project is a plain vanilla javascript extraction of the ember-cli-mirage project. It can be used inside of any framework, including React. The goal is for it to be eventually used upstream by Ember mirage proper.

Corser - CORS middleware for Node.js

  •    Javascript

A highly configurable, middleware compatible implementation of CORS for Node.js. See example/express/ for a working example.

fetch-please - HTTP-transport that supports Promises and cancelable requests (XHR)

  •    Javascript

Moreover it's extra small (minified+gzipped less than 2.5Kb). Handling requests with promises is really easy and convenient. But if you need to abort your request you can't do it with fetch. Promises doesn't cancelable outside of the constructor.

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