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htmlparser2 - forgiving html and xml parser

  •    Javascript

A forgiving HTML/XML/RSS parser. The parser can handle streams and provides a callback interface. A live demo of htmlparser2 is available here.


  •    C++

Arabica is an XML and HTML processing toolkit, providing SAX, DOM, XPath, and partial XSLT implementations, written in Standard C++.

Joox - A fluent XML builder library to construct DOM documents and elements

  •    Java

jOOX stands for Java Object Oriented XML. It is a simple wrapper for the org.w3c.dom package, to allow for fluent XML document creation and manipulation where DOM is required but too verbose. jOOX only wraps the underlying document and can be used to enhance DOM, not as an alternative.

node-xmlshim - DOMWriter and XMLParser for node.js

  •    Javascript

This project brings the DOMParser1 and XMLSerializer2 objects known from the browser to node.js. Additionally functions from document.implementation, most importantly createDocument3 are exposed via this module. XML Shim is ready to be browsified and therefore pretty useful for cross-platform projects.

xpath.js - xpath.js - Open source XPath 2.0 implementation in JavaScript (DOM agnostic)

  •    Javascript

xpath.js - Open source XPath 2.0 implementation in JavaScript (DOM agnostic)

node-krawler - Fast and lightweight web crawler with built-in cheerio, xml and json parser.

  •    Javascript

mikeal/request is used for fetching web pages so any desired option from this package can be passed to Krawler's constructor. After Krawler emits the 'data' event, it automatically continues to a next url address. It does not care if the result was processed or not. If you would like to have a full control over the result handling, you can turn on the custom callback option. Then you can control the program flow by invoking your callback. Don't forget to call it in every case, otherwise the queue will stuck.

XML-Parser - A Node.js XML DOM, Parser & Stringifier.

  •    Javascript

Parse XML, HTML and more with a very tolerant XML parser and convert it into a DOM. These three components are separated from each other as own modules.

node-htmltree - simple dom for xml/html

  •    Javascript

Very simple xml/html -> syntax tree converter. Useful for further mangling your html source. Each node entry is an object with the following form.

mithril-n - :zap: Pure DOM nodes in Mithril templates.

  •    Javascript

Pure DOM nodes in Mithril templates. It's really just Mithril's m(), which accepts DOM nodes as children as well as original arguments.