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  •    Perl

Perl interface to Gnome libxml2 xml parsing and DOM library.

GetSimpleCMS - GetSimple CMS

  •    PHP

GetSimple CMS is a flatfile CMS that works fast and efficient and has the best UI around, it is written in PHP. GetSimple CMS was developed by Chris Cagle [ http://chriscagle.me ] It is now passionately supported and developed by a loving community.

nQuery - Sizzle powered CSS selectors for libxmljs

  •    Javascript

A node.js plugin that brings sizzle and libxmljs together. Currently it passes all relevant sizzle tests when used with an HTML document.

erlsom - XML parser for Erlang

  •    Erlang

Erlsom is an Erlang library to parse (and generate) XML documents. As a SAX parser. This is a [more or less standardized model] ( http://www.saxproject.org/apidoc/org/xml/sax/ContentHandler.html) for parsing XML. Every time the parser has processed a meaningful part of the XML document (such as a start tag), it will tell your application about this. The application can process this information (potentially in parallel) while the parser continues to parse the rest of the document. The SAX parser will allow you to efficiently parse XML documents of arbitrary size, but it may take some time to get used to it. If you invest some effort, you may find that it fits very well with the Erlang programming model (personally I have always been very happy about my choice to use a SAX parser as the basis for the rest of Erlsom).

xmlcutty - Select elements from large XML files, fast.

  •    Go

The game ain't in me no more. None of it. xmlcutty is a simple tool for carving out elements from large XML files, fast. Since it works in a streaming fashion, it uses almost no memory and can process around 1G of XML per minute.

zek - Generate a Go struct from XML (prototype).

  •    Go

Zek is a prototype for creating a Go struct from an XML document. Mapping between XML elements and data structures is inherently flawed: an XML element is an order-dependent collection of anonymous values, while a data structure is an order-independent collection of named values.

taggerXML - Modernized version of Eric Brill's Part Of Speech tagger.

  •    C++

#taggerXML# Modernized version of Eric Brill's Part Of Speech tagger. The original code is converted to C++. The program can handle XML input. This program can only tag. For training the tagger with a tagged corpus of your own choice you can use Eric Brill's original software. This file contains linguistic resources for tagging English text as well.

node-jsonml - JsonML library for node.js

  •    Javascript

JSON Markup Language library for node.js. This is a simple library implements the array specification of the JsonML library.

PhiloLogic4 - PhiloLogic4

  •    Python

PhiloLogic is an XML database/search engine/web app that is designed for the particular difficulties of TEI XML. For a more theoretical description, you can refer to our research publications or our blog.

svg-sanitizer - A PHP SVG/XML Sanitizer

  •    PHP

This is my attempt at building a decent SVG sanitizer in PHP. The work is laregely borrowed from DOMPurify. This will either return a sanitized SVG/XML string or boolean false if XML parsing failed (usually due to a badly formatted file).

android-tao-rest-data-processor - Android REST Data Processor library

  •    Java

The Data Processor is designed to perform simple RESTservice requests or to files locally. Requests can run synchronously or asynchronously. Used LruCache for store results and ThreadPool for async requests. ###Easy possibility of building requests and processing results.

jxon - lossless JavaScript XML Object Notation

  •    Javascript

A complete, bidirectional, JXON (lossless JavaScript XML Object Notation) library. Packed as UMD. Implementation of Mozilla's JXON code. Head over to MDN for Documentation.

ansible-config_encoder_filters - Ansible role used to deliver the Config Encoder Filters.

  •    Python

This is an Ansible role used to deliver the Config Encoder Filters as a dependency of another Ansible role. Ansible Galaxy contains a lot of useful roles. Some of them exist in many variations which differ only by their parameterization. The parameterization is often used mainly in templates which generate the configuration file. A good example such issues are roles for Nginx of which you can find almost 200 in the Ansible Galaxy.

magento2-import-export-sample-files - Default Magento 2 CE import / export CSV files & sample files for Firebear Improved Import / Export extension

  •    XSLT

In this repository we have gathered all sample files for Magento 2 import and export procedures. Every file has been tested with the different Magento 2 versions and latest release of Improved Import and Export extension. If you are new to the import process - start by reading FireBear Studio Magento 2 import guide.

cve-check-tool - Original Automated CVE Checking Tool

  •    C

cve-check-tool, as its name suggests, is a tool for checking known (public) CVEs. The tool will identify potentially vunlnerable software packages within Linux distributions through version matching. Where possible it will also seek to determine (through a distribution implemention) if a vulnerability has been addressed by way of a patch. CVEs are only ever potential - due to the various policies of various distributions, and indeed semantics in versioning within various projects, it is expected that the tool may generate false positives.

json2xml - json to xml converter in python3

  •    Python

A Simple python utility to convert JSON to XML(Supports 3.5.x and 3.6.x). It can be used to convert a json file to xml or from an URL that returns json data.

icingaweb2-module-fileshipper - Provide CSV, JSON, XML and YAML files as an Import Source for the Icinga Director and optionally ship hand-crafted additional Icinga2 config files

  •    PHP

The main purpose of this module is to extend Icinga Director using some of it's exported hooks. Based on them it offers an Import Source able to deal with CSV, JSON, YAML and XML files. It also offers the possibility to deploy hand-crafted Icinga 2 config files through the Icinga Director. For getting started please read our Installation instructions, and then you should be ready to dive into Import Source definitions, supported file formats or and hand-crafted Config File Shipping.


  •    CSharp

This project helps to create XML representing Tile, Toast and Badge notifications on the Windows 8.1/10 and Windows Phone 8.1/10 platforms. You can take a look at the template catalogue to see the types of templates available. It's useful when trying to send notifications from the server side using Azure Mobile Services .NET Backend or some other .NET based push notification. When you want to create notification XML in a standard .NET project and not a WinRT project.