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dontbug - Dontbug is a reverse debugger for PHP

  •    Go

Dontbug is a reverse debugger (aka time travel debugger) for PHP. It allows you to record the execution of PHP scripts (in command line mode or in the browser) and replay the same execution back in a PHP IDE debugger. During replay you may debug normally (forward mode debugging) or in reverse, which allows you to step over/out backwards, step backwards, run backwards, run to cursor backwards, set breakpoints in the past and so forth. Debugging with the ability to run in reverse allows you to hunt down bugs much more easily. It also allows you to understand the runtime behavior of large PHP codebases more efficiently.

vscode-php-debug - PHP Debug Adapter for Visual Studio Code 🐞⛔

  •    TypeScript

Install the extension: Press F1, type ext install php-debug. This extension is a debug adapter between VS Code and XDebug by Derick Rethan. XDebug is a PHP extension (a .so file on Linux and a .dll on Windows) that needs to be installed on your server.

pugdebug - pugdebug is a standalone debugging client for PHP applications that uses XDebug as the debugging engine

  •    Python

pugdebug is a standalone debugging client for PHP applications that uses Xdebug as the debugging engine. A python 3.5, PyQt5 project.

xdebug-trace-tree - Very simple XDebug trace web GUI

  •    PHP

This is a simple PHP script to display XDebug traces in a tree like visualization. It can collapse parts that you're not interested in when analysing the trace, making it much easier to follow the program flow. Installation is simple. Just clone this dierectory to somewhere in your webserver and it should automatically list all available trace files.

xdebug-handler - Restart a CLI process without loading the xdebug extension.

  •    PHP

Restart a CLI process without loading the xdebug extension. Originally written as part of composer/composer, now extracted and made available as a stand-alone library.

xdebug-helper-for-chrome - Easily activate PHP debugging, profiling and tracing with this Xdebug Chrome extension

  •    Javascript

Debugging, profiling and tracing PHP code with Xdebug is very powerful, but enabling Xdebug with cookies or adding POST/GET variables is way too hard. This extension will help you to enable/disable debugging, profiling and tracing of your PHP-code easily. Ctrl+Shift+X (Cmd+Shift+X on Mac) opens the popup. Alt+Shift+X toggles the debugging state.

ansible-role-php-xdebug - Ansible Role - PHP Xdebug

  •    PHP

Installs PHP XDebug on Linux servers. Prior to running this role, make sure the php-devel and @Development Tools (for RHEL/CentOS) or php5-dev + build-essential packages (for Debian/Ubuntu) are present on the system, as they are required for the build of Xdebug.

Primary-Vagrant - An Apache based Vagrant configuration for helping you get the most out of WordPress Development

  •    PHP

When using this system do NOT upgrade your core Vagrant software beyond version 2.0.3 as it will break your entire setup. Primary Vagrant is intended for WordPress plugin, theme, and core development, as well as general PHP development in the UF Health environment and can be used as a replacement for local development stacks such as MAMP, XAMPP, and others.

Therac - A Simple PHP Pair Debugger

  •    PHP

Therac is a PHP (DBGp) debugger that hopefully does all the things you expect from a standard debugger. However, especially tailored to perform debugging with a friend. Some of my favorite features include. Therac isn't the most full featured PHP debugger, and probably never will be. However, it is designed with pair debugging and ease of use in mind. The following design goals guide the project.

docker-compose-wordpress - An example use of the chriszarate/wordpress image for plugin or theme development using Docker Compose

  •    Shell

This is an example repo for how one might wire up Docker Compose with the chriszarate/wordpress image for plugin or theme development. In addition to WP-CLI, PHPUnit, Xdebug, and the WordPress unit testing suite, the docker-compose.yml file adds MariaDB and nginx-proxy to create a complete development environment that starts quickly. Clone or fork this repo.

docker-wordpress - WordPress Docker development with WP-CLI, PHPUnit, Xdebug, and the WordPress unit testing suite

  •    Shell

This image provides WordPress on PHP7. It is based on the official WordPress Docker image but adds WP-CLI and Xdebug, and provides an easy way to run WordPress unit tests with PHPUnit. Most likely, you will want to connect this image to a MySQL / MariaDB container and add your plugin or theme code, allowing you to connect to a development instance of WordPress in a browser. If that's the case, I can recommend my Docker Compose WordPress development repo.

docker-phpunit-php7 - Docker Images to run tests under php 7.X, contains xdebug, phpunit, composer


A series of docker files with different things for working with Composer, PHPUnit, XDebug (where available), Sqlite3, and MySQL to make CI/CD a little easier. If you want to add Postgres or ODBC or another PHP extension to the mix, simply clone this repository and add the additions into any of the Dockerfile's and then build them (for example: docker build php7.1-phpunit6).

PhpOnWindows - Bridge to PHP installed in Bash on Ubuntu on Windows

  •    PHP

This is bridge from Windows to PHP installed under Windows Linux subsystem (Bash on Ubuntu on Windows) providing native integration for JetBrains IDEs, full XDebug support and simplicity for running PHP scripts. NOTE: This project is proof of concept. Use in development environments only! Expect bugs when stepping outside of the happy path.

php-debug - Atom Text Editor package for PHP debugging

  •    Javascript

Debug PHP code using the Xdebug PHP Extension. This is currently an alpha release, and still in active development.

xdebug-osx - Simple bash script to toggle xdebug on/off in OSX

  •    Shell

Xdebug is a must have extension for PHP, although the times you don't actually need it, it's a drag. This simple script allows to toggle on and off Xdebug and is meant for anyone running PHP and Xdebug installed via Homebrew.

alpine-php - Alpine in a Docker container for PHP for 5.6, 7, 7.1 and 7.2

  •    Dockerfile

Minimal PHP Docker images based on Alpine. Contains tags for development environments and adapted for various frameworks like Symfony and Wordpress. Dev images extend the standard ones and add some tools for development and CI like, composer, xdebug, etc...

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