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maraschino - A front-end for HTPCs

  •    Python

I wanted a simple web interface to act as a nice overview/front page for my Kodi HTPC. I couldn't find anything that suited my requirements so I created something myself. You can find more information and setup instructions on the project homepage.



alkyneDB is a universal digital media manager designed to effortlessly import manage and export media's meta-data. alkyne acts like a middleman between websites, programs, and media ensuring that once you spend time collecting meta-data, it will always be usable.



Xshell is a replacement for the Windows Explorer shell designed for Media Center/Home Theater PCs.

cecanyway - A small tool to help control xbmc by cec.

  •    C++

A small application to help control xbmc by CEC. Licensed under GPL2. (C) 2013 Magnus Kulke. CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) is an HDMI feature which is implemented in many A/V products (TVs, receivers, consoles) these days. Manufacturers of course use their own brands for it (Sony: BRAVIA Sync, Samsung: Anynet+, Onkyo: RIHD). Among other things CEC allows controlling several devices with a single remote.

service.subtitles.subdivx - Subdivx.com subtitles download Add-on for Kodi/XBMC v13 Gotham or newer.

  •    Python

Subdivx.com subtitle service plugin for XBMC 13 Gotham or newer. Ported from the pre-Gotham version. All the credit to its authors.

Lightpack - Lightpack and Prismatik legacy open repo

  •    C++

Lightpack is an fully open-source and simple hardware implementation of the backlight for any computer. It's USB content-driving ambient lighting system. Prismatik is an open-source software we buid to control Lightpack device. It grabs screen, analize picture, calculate resulting colors and provide soft and gentle lighting with Lightpack device. Moreother, you can handle another devices with Prismatik such as Adalight, Ardulight or even Alienware LightFX system.

Pixelkit - USB-интерфейс для старых консольных геймпадов

  •    C

Пикселькит — это компактная плата, которая позволяет превратить геймпад от вашей старой приставки в HID-совместимое устройство, подключающееся к компьютеру через USB. Кроме самой платы, мы готовы представить вам модифицированную версию программы-медиацентра XBMC, которая может быть использована в качестве многофункционального фронтенда для запуска эмуляторов старых игровых приставок. При этом приветствуется установка XBMC на флешку, которая помещается в корпус того же геймпада в котором установлен Пикселькит.

tenna - Stream videos from your computer to your iPad, iPhone, x360, Xbone, ps4, android devices and other laptops or pc's in your home network

  •    Javascript

A node js application that lets you easily stream most videos from any PC/laptop in your home network, to other devices in the network with a browser. Basically any device that supports the <video> element MP4 encoded.

generator-kodi-addon - Yeoman generator for the most common Kodi addon types.

  •    Javascript

Creates the basic structure for a kodi script, written in python. First, install Yeoman and generator-kodi-addon using npm (we assume you have pre-installed node.js).