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xAnalyzer - xAnalyzer plugin for x64dbg

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xAnalyzer is a plugin for the x86/x64 x64dbg debugger by @mrexodia. This plugin is based on APIInfo Plugin by @mrfearless, although some improvements and additions have been made. xAnalyzer is capable of doing various types of analysis over the static code of the debugged application to give more extra information to the user. This plugin is going to make an extensive API functions call detections to add functions definitions, arguments and data types as well as any other complementary information, something close at what you get with OllyDbg analysis engine, in order to make it even more comprehensible to the user just before starting the debuggin task. Defined and generic functions, arguments, data types and additional debugging info recognition.

Api-Break-for-x64dbg - x64dbg plugin to set breakpoints automatically to Win32/64 APIs

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Api Break is a x64dbg plugin which is aimed to set breakpoints Win32/64 API calls easly. It can be useful when the code does obfuscated or indirect api calls or something similar conditions. This mode is automatically (naturally) handles all API calls for the entire module. Also, this mode gives an option to jump automatically to the API caller when the API entry breakpoint hit. It exposes the original caller using single step callstack backtracing.

x64dbgpylib - Port of windbglib to x64dbgpy, in an effort to support mona.py in x64dbg.

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Port of windbglib to x64dbgpy, in an effort to support mona.py in x64dbg. This is a work in progress, see the issues or contact us to find out how you can help. In particular, this issue has the current state of support for mona commands; any help on the remaining commands would be appreciated.