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python-zeep - A modern/fast python SOAP client based on lxml / requests

  •    Python

Please see the documentation at http://docs.python-zeep.org for more information.

SOAPEngine - This generic SOAP client allows you to access web services using a your iOS app, Mac OS X app and AppleTV app

  •    Objective-C

This generic SOAP client allows you to access web services using a your iOS app, Mac OS X app and Apple TV app. With this Framework you can create iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X and AppleTv apps that supports SOAP Client Protocol. This framework able executes methods at remote web services with SOAP standard protocol.

WCFExtras+ - Soap Headers, WSDL Enhancements, and other extras for WCF


WcfExtras+ extends the WCFExtras project by including bug fixes and a few new enhancements.

thinktecture WSCF.blue


WSCF.blue is the name for the next-generation Web Service Contract-First (WSCF) tooling with support for the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). WSCF.blue is the successor of the famous WSCF tool built by thinktecture.



WsdlWorks is a web service test tool integrated into Visual Studio. Simply create a new WsdlWorks project, enter your web service's WSDL URL and WsdlWorks will automatically create tests for all your operations including example SOAP requests.

SAWSDL Implementation for WCF


[Discontinued] Main goal of the project is to provide Semantic Annotations for WSDL and XML Schema (SAWSDL) implementation for WCF.

soap-client - A general purpose SOAP client for PHP

  •    PHP

You can customize the generated code based on the manual installation pages in the next chapter. To solve the above problems, this package will force you into using Value-objects for Requests and Responses. We know that maintaining these value-objects can be a load of work. No worries! There are some commandline tools available that will help you with generating a good base to start with. Because the SoapClient will need a classmap of WSDL to PHP Classes, there is also a classmap generator available. This will surely safe you a lot of time! By adding SOAP type converters, it is possible to transform the values of a specific SOAP type from/to a PHP type. The package comes included with some basic transformers for date and datetime. On, top of that, it is very easy to create your own transformers.

wsdl2.js - A NodeJS tool to consume a WSDL file and output a neat, manageable Javascript library.

  •    Javascript

If the service responds with something like "The server cannot service the request because the media type is unsupported.", you are probably targeting the wrong SOAP version.

wsdl-to-ts - Generate TypeScript typings for WSDL services

  •    TypeScript

A CLI tool and library for nodejs to generate TypeScript typings from a WSDL service. Installation is done through npm.

cxf-spring-boot-starter-maven-plugin - Maven plugin complementing cxf-spring-boot-starter

  •    Java

Maven plugin complementing the Boot starter for SOAP-Webservices with Apache CXF using JAX-WS & JAXB with Annotations only

WSDL2Swift - Pure Swift alternative to WSDL2ObjC making a SOAP request & parsing its response as defined in WSDL

  •    Swift

Swift alternative to WSDL2ObjC making a SOAP request & parsing its response as defined in WSDL. Objective-C free. Stubs for unit test can be implemented using Toki.

rinse - Python3 SOAP client built with lxml and requests.

  •    Python

Rinse is a Python SOAP client using lxml, requests and defusedxml. Rinse works with both Python 2 and Python 3. Continuous integration testing is performed against the latest python 2.7, python 3.3 and python 3.4 releases.

node-soap-client - SOAP Client library for NodeJS

  •    Javascript

SOAP client library for NodeJS. It doesn't supports full WSDL specification. It works good with WSDL generated by Maven cxf-java2ws-plugin.

wsdl-creator - PHP WSDL creator using PHPdoc (annotations, reflections).

  •    PHP

PHP WSDL creator using PHPdoc (annotations, reflections).

ws.js - A WS-* client stack for node.js. Written in pure javascript!

  •    Javascript

For more information visit my blog or my twitter. In the future the server certificate will be extracted from the BinarySecurityToken automatically (when available).

anpr - Issue tracker e documentazione di ANPR - Anagrafe Nazionale della Popolazione Residente

  •    Python

L’Anagrafe Nazionale della Popolazione Residente (ANPR), è la banca dati nazionale nella quale confluiranno progressivamente le anagrafi comunali. Creare una segnalazione in Github é molto semplice e puoi farlo direttamente dal tuo account.

go-xml - utility and code-generation libraries for XML

  •    Go

Requires go 1.9 or greater for golang.org/x/html dependency. This repository contains a collection of Go packages for working with XML, with the ultimate goal of enabling code generation based on XML documents.