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NeoPixelBus - Adafruit enhanced NeoPixel support library

  •    C++

A library to control one wire protocol RGB and RGBW leds like SK6812, WS2811, WS2812 and WS2813 that are commonly refered to as NeoPixels and two wire protocol RGB like APA102 commonly refered to as DotStars. Supports most Arduino platforms. This is the most functional library for the Esp8266 as it provides solutions for all Esp8266 module types even when WiFi is used. For quick questions jump on Gitter and ask away.

plan44-feed - OpenWrt feed containing plan44 packages

  •    Shell

This is my source feed for building various OpenWrt packages I wrote for projects on Onion Omega1 and Omega2. to your feeds.conf.default (or, more correctly, to a copy of feeds.conf.default named feeds.conf).