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  •    F#

A task computation expression which works natively with .NET's Task objects from an F# application.The Giraffe.Tasks NuGet package adds native support for .NET's Task and Task<'T> objects to an F# application. By using the Giraffe.Tasks module an ASP.NET Core/Giraffe web application can benefit of significant performance boosts by removing the necessity of manually converting between .NET's tasks and F#'s async workflows.

flux - Highly scalable Event-driven, Reactive system for building Stateful apps and Workflow services

  •    Java

Flux is an asynchronous, scalable, optionally multi-tenant & distributed and reliable state machine based orchestrator. Flux can be used to build Workflows and Reactive apps that are stateful. Flux quick introduction video is available here. Please go through the wiki pages to find out more about flux.