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xlsx-populate - Excel XLSX parser/generator written in JavaScript with Node

  •    Javascript

Excel XLSX parser/generator written in JavaScript with Node.js and browser support, jQuery/d3-style method chaining, and a focus on keeping existing workbook features and styles in tact.Note that xlsx-populate uses ES6 features so only Node.js v4+ is supported.

workbook - simple framework for containing spreadsheet like data

  •    Ruby

Book, Sheet, Table and Row inherit from the base Array class, and hence walks and quacks as such. The row is extended with hashlike lookups (row[:id]) and writers (row[:id]=). Values are converted to ruby native types, and optional parsers can be added to improve recognition. In addition to offering you this plain structure it allows for importing .xls, .csv, .xlsx, .txt files (more to come), writing .xls, and .csv (more to come) and includes several utilities to easily create an overview of the differences between two tables and output basic cell-styling properties as css.


  •    Javascript

Entire excel workbook parsed in native node.js. NOTE: 0.0.3 API still supported for now, despite the documented API for 0.1.0 being different. The 0.0.3 API still exists in the form of parsexcel.parseRaw(), and should be favored over invoking parsexcel() itself (as that will likely be deprecated in the future).

slo-generator - Easy setup a service level objective using prometheus

  •    Go

Easily setup a service level objective using prometheus, based on lessons from the SRE workbook. Look at slo_example_with_classes.yml and slo_classes.yml to see how to define classes and associate with your services.

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