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WinDynamicDesktop - Port of macOS Mojave Dynamic Desktop feature to Windows 10

  •    CSharp

The first time you run WinDynamicDesktop, it will automatically download the macOS Mojave wallpapers from here and here and extract them to your disk. I have not included the files directly in this repository for copyright reasons. If you want to select a different set of images, see the section below for how to do so. You will also need to input your location when running the program for the first time. This location is not used for any purpose other than to determine the times of sunrise and sunset where you live.

MoveToDesktop - Move windows using hotkeys or the system menu

  •    C++

Hint It is usefull to start MoveToDesktop as Administrator. If you do so, MoveToDesktop is also enabled for privileged tasks. For starting MoveToDesktop on logon the prefered way is to create a scheduled task. See how. You can place the MoveToDesktop.ini into %AppData% and modify the settings in it. A restart of the application is required.

windows - :paperclip: tweaks & fixes for windows 10 - mostly powershell

  •    PowerShell

Scripts feature ability to disable various Microsoft technologies / services which can be considered to spy or report on users of the Operating System. eg: Telemetry, Problem Steps Recorder, Application Impact Telemetry, Customer Experience Improvement Program, Geolocation, Biometric Information, Browser History ... Cleanup folder features scripts to remove Microsoft OneDrive & move components relating to indexing of information within files (Cortana), reporting & information gathering.

Q42.WinRT - Useful library for data driven Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 C# / XAML WinRT projects

  •    CSharp

Open source library for Universal Apps, Windows Phone and Windows 8 C#/XAML applications. This library was originally developed for Windows 8 and is fully compatible with Universal Apps (Windows Phone and Windows 8.1). There's also a version for Windows Phone 8. The library is focused on web connected and data driven applications. It includes helpers to easily cache data from API calls and cache web images to the local storage. Please checkout the included sample application for Universal Apps, Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

UICompositionAnimations - A wrapper PCL to work with Windows

  •    CSharp

The UICompositionAnimations library exposes classes and APIs to quickly implement animations and effects to a UWP application. It also has a collection of helper methods to load Win2D images, dispatch code to the UI thread and more. More details available here.

Windows10MiningTweaksDmW - Windows 10 Mining Tweaks by DeadManWalking (DeadManWalkingTO-GitHub)

  •    Batchfile

Windows10MiningTweaksDmW is a script for full optimization on Microsoft Windows 10 Dedicate Mining PC/Server. Originally based on "Windows 10 Registry tweaks for mining" (jsanzsp) with heavy optimizations/rewrites, since version 3.0.0 add more optimizations and achieve additional 30% less system CPU utilization on GPU mining.

UPMetroSkin - This non-official addon for Metro for Steam fixes bugs with the current version and adds optional content for you to choose from

  •    CSS

This unofficial patch for Metro for Steam skin fixes bugs with current version of the skin, implements newly added Steam client features and adds optional ones for unhindered and customized design. Additional details and feedback are available on MetroSkin Steam community group. Installation instructions can be found on the Unofficial Patch thread.

PowerSwitcher - Power plan switcher for Windows 10. Heavily inspired by EarTrumpet.

  •    CSharp

PowerPlanSwitcher is a simple app that allows you to quickly switch between power plan schemas from application tray. In addition to a manual schemas switching it also supports an automatic switch when AC adapter gets connected/disconnected.

gam-cros-win-wrapper - A simple Windows app, using WPF, C# and GAM to make Chromebook management a little easier

  •    CSharp

This simple Chromebook management app makes it easy to perform simple Chrome OS Google Admin Console tasks. It's a native app for windows written in C#. Before running, make sure that you can run gam print cros and from that command you get a bunch of 36 character ids, like this: 90a79523-658p-686y-bf20-19638646153c. gam must be in your PATH.