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Managed Services for Windows Mobile


This leightweight library contains functionality for creating Windows like Services in managed code, as creating Windows Services in Windows Mobile/Windows CE isn't supported. The library is compatible with the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and higher.

Groceries Shopping Helper

  •    Silverlight

Groceries Shopping Helper is a Silverlight RIA which will help users create grocery shopping lists. The application can maintain lists, recipes, stores and store locations. Contains a Windows Mobile client that will guide the user thru the store using location order

Yet Another GPS


Yet another GPS tracker is a very powerful GPS track application for Windows Mobile

SharePoint Mobile Browser


Windows Mobile application providing browsing capabilities on SharePoint sites. It provides a faster way to browse the content of a SharePoint site.

DirectMobile - DirectX Accelerated UI Framework for Windows Mobile


A UI framework for Windows Mobile devices which: 1) Is fully Managed (.NET 3.5 SP1) 2) Uses DirectX to render elements 3) Device Independant 4) Touch Screen Friendly 5) Themeable

PropertyGridCE - Mobile version of PropertyGrid


A useful WinForms control that mimics most of the PropertyGrid functionality in the .NET Compact Framework

WoW Armory Library for Windows Mobile

  •    CSharp

A small World of WarCraft armory library for windows mobile devices.

mfLY! for Visual Studio 2008 Community

  •    DotNet

The mfLY! for Visual Studio 2008 Community is a place for mfLY! developers to connect, share code, and collaborate on mfLY! based projects. mfLY! is a Windows Mobile MVC Framework developed by Blue Dot Solutions.

SocialKit / LightRest

  •    DotNet

LightRest is an Http client for .NET developers to consume REST based API services, fully supports OAuth 1.0 and comes with .NET Framework and .NET Compact Framework.

Windows Mobile Camera


The Windows Mobile Camera project makes it easier for users to take pictures with their mobile camera enabled devices. This is an example C# project to demonstrate getting started developing applications on the Windows Mobile 6.x platform.

30 Days of Windows Mobile Applications


30 sample applications demonstrating various aspects of programming for Windows Mobile devices. Source code is available for each application in C#, VB.NET and native C source code versions to allow you to compare the advantages and challenges of each development platform.



Import contacts and messages into windows mobile from csv files exported from Nokia PC Suite.

Composite UI Framework for Windows Mobile

  •    CSharp

An application framework for developing composite user interfaces (similar to Silverlight/WPF) on Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices. It contains controls and graphic primitives that support rotation, scaling, animation, behaviours and transitions. Make awesome looking WinMo apps.

Windows Mobile 6.5 Widget Packager


Windows Mobile 6.5 Widget Packager makes it easier for Windows Mobile 6.5 Widget developer to generate widget config file and package the widget files into .wgt file. You'll no longer have to do these jobs manually. It's developed in C#.



SyncComm is intended to be used as starter point with Sync Services for ADO.NET 1.0 for devices. SyncComm shows how to implement the WCF communication layer based on Microsoft Sync Framework team's tips.

Windows Mobile Poker Planning


A Windows Mobile Planning Poker application.



ArkSwitch is an easy to use, finger-friendly task manager for Windows Mobile 6.5.3 (with a WM6.5 compatibility mode). It is developed mainly in C#, with a C++ helper DLL.

LinkedIn® for Windows Mobile

  •    DotNet

LinkedIn® for Windows Mobile brings your LinkedIn® account to your Window Mobile powered phone. See networkupdates / connections / profile etc.

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