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wikidata - Scripts for Wikidata

  •    Python

Scripts for Wikidata.To run these scripts, you need to install pywikibot.

wikimama - Scripts to help matching OSM features to Wikidata items

  •    Javascript

This repo contains scripts to aid in manually matching OSM IDs to Wikidata IDs. See https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Wikidata for details.batch-match.js takes a CSV of places and queries Overpass for OSM features, then Wikidata for neighboring entities, runs a match based on geographic distance and levenshtein distance. It finally writes the possible matches into a CSV for manual verification.

knowledge - combining wikidata and clojure core.logic

  •    Clojure

A Clojure experimental library combining wikidata and clojure core.logic. Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

wdq - Command line interface to Wikidata Query Service

  •    Perl

The command line script wdq, included in CPAN module App::wdq, provides a tool to access Wikidata Query Service. It supports formulation and execution of SPARQL SELECT queries to extract selected information from Wikidata or other Wikibase instances. First install cpanm if missing. If installation of App::wdq fails try cpanm option --notest or install dependencies as packages as described below.

wikidata-taxonomy - command-line tool to extract taxonomies from Wikidata

  •    Javascript

Command-line tool and library to extract taxonomies from Wikidata. wikidata-taxonomy requires at least NodeJs version 6.

wikipedia-tools-for-google-spreadsheets - Wikipedia Tools for Google Spreadsheets — Docs:

  •    Javascript

A Google Spreadsheets add-on that makes working with data from Wikipedia and Wikidata a joy. Find the Wikipedia Tools in the Google Add-on Store and install them by clicking on the blue "+ Free" button.

wikidata - Wikidata client library for Python

  •    Python

This package provides easy APIs to use Wikidata for Python.

database-of-embassies - Database of embassies and consulates


Developers: Take 10 minutes to familiarize yourself with SPARQL then pick any issue you like :-) Don't hesitate to create other issues to document any problem with the data, or send pull requests to add your custom scripts. Convenient tools: QuickStatements, Harvest Templates.

KBox - 📦 The Knowledge Box

  •    Java

KBox is an abbreviation for Knowledge Box. The rationale behind KBox is to allow users to have a single place to share resources and knowledge among different applications as well as instances. Moreover, working on top of RDF model, KBox is a natural extension of the Web on your computer. Systems usually deal with resources and knowledge that are often duplicated among several instances. For instance, when using the Stanford NLP library the resources and knowledge inside the library are duplicated among different applications. The idea is to have a common repository where users can share resources without duplication. In order to do that, we bring the RDF concept to bridge the gap among reource publishig, storing and locating.


  •    PHP

Very simple SparqlClient for PHP. Thanks to contributors.

openrefine-wikibase - Wikidata reconciliation service for OpenRefine

  •    Python

MIT license. On Windows you will need to accept the Windows Firewall popup to expose the port.

WikidataQueryServiceR - An R package for the Wikidata Query Service API

  •    R

This is an R wrapper for the Wikidata Query Service (WDQS) which provides a way for tools to query Wikidata via SPARQL (see the beta at https://query.wikidata.org/). It is written in and for R, and was inspired by Oliver Keyes' WikipediR and WikidataR packages. You submit SPARQL queries using the query_wikidata() function.

wiki-data-gouv - Garagethon Wikidata-Datagouv


Créer des liens entre wikidata et datagouv. Le tout au format « barcamp » : on définit ensemble ce qui nous intéresse et on le fait.

github-wikidata-bot - Updates Wikidata entries using metadata from github

  •    Python

Update Wikidata entries using metadata from GitHub. First install python >=3.6 and poetry, then run poetry install.

WikidataR - An R package for the Wikidata API

  •    R

An R API wrapper for the Wikidata store of semantic data. WikidataR is a wrapper around the Wikidata API. It is written in and for R, and was inspired by Christian Graul's rwikidata project. For details on how to best use it, see the explanatory vignette.

WikibaseImport - Import entities from another Wikibase instance (e.g. Wikidata)

  •    PHP

The script imports the specified entity or entities, including statements, sitelinks, labels, descriptions and aliases. The extension tracks the newly assigned entity id and the original id, so that any other entity that references can be linked appropriately. The script also imports any referenced entities (e.g. properties, badge items, wikibase-item values) without the statements.

osm-wikidata - Match OSM entities with Wikidata items

  •    Python

This tool is running live using the Wikidata SPARQL query service and the OSM Overpass and Nominatim APIs. It works best with a city, island or administrative area. The index page displays list of existing matches and a search box. If you pick an existing result you'll see Wikidata items within the given area, for each item there is a list of candidate matching OSM items.

jivesearch - A search engine that doesn't track you.

  •    Javascript

The below will build and run a Docker Compose file for Elasticsearch, OpenResty (Nginx), PostgreSQL, Redis, and a NSFW/image classification server. The OpenResty build assumes you have a domain name as well as a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate. However, in order for the nginx.conf file to dynamically load your SSL certificate you will need to create a symlink to a generic "domain" folder (replace "example.com" with your domain). For local development you can skip this step. For local development you don't need a Let's Encrypt certificate. You can simply access directly.

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