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apps-android-wikipedia - The official Wikipedia Android app

  •    Java

This repository contains the source code for the official Wikipedia Android app.

wikidata - Scripts for Wikidata

  •    Python

Scripts for Wikidata.To run these scripts, you need to install pywikibot.

LINQ-to-Wiki - .Net library to access MediaWiki API

  •    CSharp

LinqToWiki is a library for accessing sites running MediaWiki (including Wikipedia) through the MediaWiki API from .Net languages like C# and VB.NET. It can be used to do almost anything that can be done from the web interface and more, including things like editing articles, listing articles in categories, listing all kinds of links on a page and much more. Querying the various lists available can be done using LINQ queries, which then get translated into efficient API requests.

PHP-Wikipedia-Syntax-Parser - Given raw contents and title of a Wikipedia article, this will output highly useful information in an organized fashion

  •    PHP

This is an attempt at extracting useful information out of raw Wikipedia page syntax, written as a portable PHP class. Originally written for JungleDB. Released the most recently updated (2015-02-13) version of the wiki_parser.php script, which is a significant improvement over the last copy. I don't expect to update this repository in the forseeable future.

wikigame-js - The "six degrees of Wikipedia" wikigame played at re:publica

  •    Javascript

This is the software used for the Six degrees of Wikipedia Game at re:publica. It's neither well written nor documented, but so many people asked me to release it that i could not refuse. It was written in just a couple of hours.

parliament-svg - Generate parliament charts as virtual-dom SVG

  •    Javascript

Generate parliament charts as virtual-dom SVG. Design inspired by the Wikipedia parliament charts. Play around with the live demo! For westminster-style parliament charts, see westminster-svg. If you are using D3, you might prefer working with the d3-parliament module. Each seat contains the party name in its class attribute.