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browser-perf - Performance Metrics for Web Browsers

  •    Javascript

Read more on why browser-perf here. Please see the wiki pages for more information. You can find information about supported browsers, getting started, command line usage, reference for the Node API etc.

jingo - Node.js based Wiki

  •    Javascript

A git based wiki engine written for node.js, with a decent design, a search capability and a good typography. The aim of this wiki engine is to provide an easy way to create a centralized documentation area for people used to work with git and markdown. It should fit well into a development team without the burden to have to learn a complex and usually overkill application.

SPWikiTree 0.1.0.a

  •    JQuery

Purpose: Create an implementation of a JQuery Tree View Derive tree view content from wiki page library NOT rely on installed feature. (Created client-side)

github-tools-vsts - ๐Ÿ“ฆ:octocat:๐Ÿš€ Create and modify GitHub Releases in Azure DevOps Build and Release Management

  •    Javascript

This option allow to edit release properties based on tag name, changing the release name, notes, type (draft, prerelease, release) and target commitsh. The manifest is a json file (commonly called package.json) that include some information about your application, the GitHub Tool can extract these information when you indicate in Manifest JSON field where json file is located. Your json should be like this example below.

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