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CicadaPlayer - CicadaPlayer is the player core of AliPlayer, which support multiple platform Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and WebAssembly for now

  •    C++

Cicada Media Player is a multi platform player sdk,Keep the world free of difficult videos to play,using Cicada Media Player, build your multimedia apps happily.

no-player - Simplified Player wrapper for MediaPlayer and ExoPlayer

  •    Java

A simplified Android Player wrapper for MediaPlayer and ExoPlayer. We always welcome people to contribute new features or bug fixes, here is how.

gmp-widevine - Adapt Widevine CDM to use in Firefox

  •    C++

Adapt Widevine CDM from Google Chrome to work in Firefox as a GMP plugin. Mainline version of Firefox doesn't have necessary bits of EME implemented yet, but Firefox Nightly already have them working. (January 2016). I used source snapshot 29258f59e545 from mozilla-central with firefox.patch applied. It remained unknown to me where Firefox looks up for GMP plugins, so MOZ_GMP_PATH environment variable was used instead. Note, it should point to directory path which ends with .../gmp-widevine/1. So one should create directory gmp-widevine somewhere, then directory 1 (a number, one) inside it, then copy data/widevine.info and generated libwidevine.so there. Here one can find original description of how that method works. Maybe one will have to use LD_PRELOAD to preload /opt/google/chrome/libwidevinecdm.so, since adapter can't do it itself due to sandboxing.

playkit-android - PlayKit: Kaltura Mobile Player SDK for Android

  •    Java

If you are a Kaltura customer, please contact your Kaltura Customer Success Manager to help facilitate use of this component. Please see our VPaaS Documentation site.

widevine - Golang Client for Widevine Cloud

  •    Go

Golang Client API for Widevine Cloud. You can also use this package to create a license proxy.

license-proxy - Simplified Widevine license proxy server written in Go (Golang).

  •    Go

Simplified Widevine license proxy server written in Go (Golang). license-proxy is MIT License.

electron-releases - castLabs Electron for Content Security

  •    Python

This is a fork of Electron created with the goal of facilitating the use of Google's Widevine Content Decryption Module (CDM) for DRM-enabled playback within Electron, including support for Verified Media Path (VMP) and protected storage of licenses for offline playback scenarios. It is intended to be used as a drop-in replacement for a regular Electron build and currently supports Windows and macOS platforms. To achieve this the necessary Widevine DRM components will be installed on first launch and enabled as an option for playback of DRM protected content using common EME APIs. By default, if the installation of any Widevine DRM component fails the application will display an error and exit (this can be overridden). If it succeeds an event will be emitted to the application indicating that Widevine is ready to be used.

videojs-contrib-dash - Video

  •    Javascript

A video.js source handler for supporting MPEG-DASH playback through a video.js player on browsers with support for Media Source Extensions. Drop by our slack channel (#playback) on the Video.js slack.

abr-player - 📼 Adaptive Streaming Test Player

  •    Vue

Adaptive Streaming Player for testing your ABR streams. abr-player is built with Vue.js and the APIs of each supported player.

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