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Connectivity - 🌐 Makes Internet connectivity detection more robust by detecting Wi-Fi networks without Internet access

  •    Swift

Connectivity is a wrapper for Apple's Reachability providing a reliable measure of whether Internet connectivity is available where Reachability alone can only indicate whether an interface is available that might allow a connection. Connectivity's objective is to solve the captive portal problem whereby an iOS device is connected to a WiFi network lacking Internet connectivity. Such situations are commonplace and may occur for example when connecting to a public WiFi network which requires the user to register before use. Connectivity can detect such situations enabling you to react accordingly.

openwifi-hw - FPGA/hardware design of openwifi

  •    Verilog

openwifi: Linux mac80211 compatible full-stack IEEE802.11/Wi-Fi design based on SDR (Software Defined Radio). This repository includes Hardware/FPGA design. To be used together with openwifi driver and software repository.

locationchanger - Change OS X’s network location based on the name of Wi-Fi network

  •    Shell

It automatically changes OS X’s network location based on the name of Wi-Fi network and runs arbitrary scrips when it happens. It will ask you for a root password to install locationchanger to the /usr/local/bin directory.

mosmetro-android - Основной репозиторий приложения "Wi-Fi в метро"

  •    Java

Данное приложение предназначено для автоматической авторизации Android-устройств в сетях Wi-Fi общественного транспорта Москвы, Санкт-Петербурга и других городов России, в которых действует провайдер МаксимаТелеком и его партнёры. Поддерживаются версии Android 3.0 (SDK 11) и выше. Приложение включает в себя встроенную систему обновления, которая будет сообщать о появлении новых сборок. В данный момент этот канал распространения сборок является основным. Загрузить самую актуальную стабильную сборку можно по этой ссылке. Данная сборка синхронизирована с веткой master этого репозитория. Также доступны другие ветки обновления, автоматически появляющиеся при добавлении новых веток в репозиторий.

WICED-SDK - Add-on for RedBear boards to work with Broadcom's WICED SDK

  •    C

!!!IMPORTTANT NOTE!!!: Since the WICED-SDK-4.1, after applying the patch, the memory map of Duo has been changed. See the following memory map. If you are going to deploy WICED applications and WICED DCT via the Particle bootloader, only if the Particle bootloader version is updated to 5 or above (by updating the Particle system firmware v0.3.0 or above, or by RBLink if you have), then you can apply the patch of the WICED-SDK-4.1 or above, otherwise, if it is running the older bootloader, it will not jump to run the WICED application. If the Particle bootloader version is below 5, please checkout other branch and apply the patch of the corresponding WICED SDK. The RedBear Duo supports Cypress WICED WiFi SDK by adding this add-on. The Duo IoT development kit has two boards, the Duo and the RBLink.

DeauthDetector - Detect deauthentication frames using an ESP8266

  •    Arduino

If the ESP8266 detects deauthentication or disassociation frames it will turn on its LED. That's all ¯\ (ツ)/¯. So this is a good and cheap way to detect a Wi-Fi deauthentication attack.

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