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match-when - :shell: Pattern matching for modern JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Note that when() is a catch-all pattern and, if used, should always be the last condition. If you forget it match() will throw a MissingCatchAllPattern exception if nothing was matched.

pretty-monitor - Clutter-less monitor for unhandled when.js rejections

  •    CoffeeScript

PrettyMonitor is a small debug utility that catches escaped when.js rejections in node.js apps and renders them in a readable format.

CompoundSignal - Special Signal type used to listen for multiple Signals dispatches

  •    Javascript

CompoundSignal works like a group of signals which should be dispatched automatically after all the signals contained by the group are dispatched. Arguments are passed to listeners as Arrays on the same order as the signals were passed on the constructor.If loaded using an AMD loader (e.g. RequireJS) or inside nodejs it will return the constructor and also add itself to the signals object (to keep consistency with browser environment).

final-fs - Promised wrapper for node fs module with usefull additional set of functions.

  •    Javascript

Final-FS is an utility library for file system operations. It wrapps nodejs "fs" module and provides it's functions in promise pattern. Also it has few additional useful set of functions. Every aynchrouns function in final-fs module uses when Promises. All paths can be specified using array notation. If an array is given as an argument the path.resolved is called.

mongoose-when - Add jquery style .when support to mongoose promise object.

  •    Javascript

Add jquery style .when support to mongoose promise object. Requires mongoose v3.6.1 or higher, no other requirements. Promise.when() returns a Mongoose promise object.

redp - Red Phosphorus - Pattern Match Library for ES2015 Era

  •    Javascript

You could be look for more examples in example/ and test/. Shortcut to match.fn(pattern)(value).

request-promise-cache - request promise with cache

  •    Javascript

The resolved first argument is no longer {response, body, ?error} but just the body. But, you can pass in resolveWithFullResponse=true to the request({..params}) to get the full response object instead of the body. If you make 2 or more requests with the same cacheKey at the same time, and of course, the response comes back within the cacheTTL of the first request, only 1 request will go out, the rest will wait for it and resolve at the same time.

babel-plugin-gwt - Data Driven Testing babel plugin inspired by Groovy's Spock framework 🖖

  •    Javascript

Writing clean descriptive tests can sometimes be difficult and cumbersome. This plugin provides syntactic sugar to make writing well documented data driven tests easy and enjoyable.

legendary - Dabbling with promises. It’ll be legendary

  •    Javascript

Legendary is a Promises/A+ compatible promise implementation. It combines promise subclassing with sugar inspired by when.js, Q and async. This module is no longer maintained. It still has some neat ideas though.

once-defined - A minimalistic boilerplate to wait for Custom Elements, or libraries, definition

  •    Javascript

A minimalistic, ~140 bytes, boilerplate to wait for Custom Elements, or libraries, definition. If the awaited component/library is just one entry, it's returned right away. If it's a list of entries, each entry will be found in its related index.

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