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wechaty - WeChat Bot SDK for Personal Account, Powered by TypeScript, Docker, and 💖

  •    TypeScript

Wechaty is a Bot SDK for Wechat Personal Account which can help you create a bot in 6 lines of javascript, with cross-platform support include Linux, Windows, Darwin(OSX/Mac) and Docker. "Wechaty让运营人员更多的时间思考如何进行活动策划、留存用户,商业变现" link -- @lijiarui, CEO of BotOrange.

wechaty-electron - Wechaty for Desktop

  •    Javascript

Wechaty is Wechat for Bot, Chat as a Service. Wechaty use AVA as test runner.

wechaty-getting-started - Wechaty Starter Project Template that Works Out-of-the-Box

  •    Javascript

Wechaty is a Wechat Bot SDK for Personal Account that lets you create software to extend the functionality of the Wechat, writen in Node.js with TypeScript, Support all platforms including Linux, OSX, Win32, and Docker. As a developer, you can use Wechaty to easily build your bot on top of Wechat Personal Account, effectively manage message sending/receiving, room creating/inviting, contact friendship, and delightful add artificial intellengence between users and your bot.

wechaty-blinder - Face Blinder Bot Powered by Wechaty

  •    TypeScript

Blinder remember faces of your Wechat contacts. Study Once, Name It Anywhere.

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