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  •    Javascript

A helper three.js library for building AR web experiences that run in WebARonARKit and WebARonARCore. See three.ar.js API documentation for details.

webvr-polyfill - Use WebVR today, without requiring a special browser build.

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript implementation of the WebVR spec. This project ensures your WebVR content works on any platform, whether or not the browser/device has native WebVR support, or when there are inconsistencies in implementation. Take a look at basic WebVR samples that use this polyfill.

engine - Fast and lightweight WebGL game engine

  •    Javascript

PlayCanvas is an open-source game engine. It uses HTML5 and WebGL to run games and other interactive 3D content in all modern browsers without the need for a plugin. You can see more games on the PlayCanvas website.

exokit - Native VR/AR/XR engine for JavaScript 🦖

  •    Javascript

Find more examples here and on YouTube. This project enables developers to build XR experiences using the same code that runs on the web. Exokit engine is written on top of Node and emulates a web browser, providing native hooks for WebGL, WebXR, WebAudio, and other APIs used in immersive experiences.

kframe - :package: Kevin's collection of A-Frame components and scenes.

  •    Javascript

Kevin's collection of A-Frame components and scenes. A page should open in your browser. You can develop on the source code and the server will handle live compilation and bundling.

Rax - A universal React-compatible render engine

  •    Javascript

A universal React-compatible render engine. Rax is a universal JavaScript library with a largely React-compatible API. If you use React, you already know how to use Rax. Its features include zero configuration, Progressive Web App(PWA), Server-Side Rendering(SSR) and Function as a service(FaaS) can be used out of the box.

Primrose - A WebVR framework

  •    Javascript

Primrose is an immersive environment for web browsers on desktop and mobile devices alike. Within this environment, web developers can be applications that progressively enhance to support users on a wide variety of form factors, including high-end VR headsets. If you're interested in contributing to the framework, we'd love to have you involved. Primrose is open to contributors of all skill levels and we are ready and willing to help beginners work through issues. Please read the guidelines for contributing before doing so.

aframe-extras - Add-ons and helpers for A-Frame VR.

  •    Javascript

Add-ons and helpers for A-Frame VR. For partial builds, use a subpackage like aframe-extras.controls.min.js. Full list of packages above.

WebVR-Extension - Chrome DevTools extension to emulate WebVR API

  •    Javascript

Chrome DevTools extension that enables users and developers to run WebVR 1.0 content without having a supported HMD headset or even a compatible browser/platform. It currently emulates an HTC Vive. It can also help develop even if one owns an HMD, by making repetitive actions that require putting the HMD on and off easier to check through the DevTools panel.

lovr - Virtual Reality for Lua

  •    C

LÖVR is a simple framework for creating virtual reality experiences with Lua, based on LÖVE. Documentation and examples are available on the website.

webvr-ui - WebVR-UI Javascript library making it easy to create a button for entering VR mode

  •    Javascript

A javascript library allowing easily to create the Enter VR button a WebVR site. It will automatically detect the support in the browser and show correct messages to the user. The intention for the library is to create an easy way to make a button solving as many of the common use cases of WebVR as possible, and show some best practices for how to work with WebVR. To use the button in A-Frame, include the library as above, and add webvr-ui to the scene.

webvr-gearvr-test - a simple test of WebVR running natively in GearVR

  •    Javascript

A test compiling WebVR (with A-Frame) to GearVR as a native application.Unlike a simple web page, which requires disabling GearVR service and setting up Chrome Dev, this approach intends to make a WebVR application that can be distributed through the Oculus Store.

norman - A WebVR animation tool by James Paterson.

  •    Javascript

Hi, I'm artist and coder James Paterson. Norman is the beginnings of an animation tool I’ve always wanted. It was built using JavaScript, it runs in a web browser using WebVR, and it lets me animate naturally in 3D using VR controllers.

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