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django-webpack-loader - Transparently use webpack with django

  •    Python

Read http://owaislone.org/blog/webpack-plus-reactjs-and-django/ for a detailed step by step guide on setting up webpack with django using this library. Use webpack to generate your static bundles without django's staticfiles or opaque wrappers.

cookiecutter-flask - A flask template with Bootstrap 3, asset bundling+minification with webpack, starter templates, and registration/authentication

  •    Python

A Flask template for cookiecutter. You will be asked about your basic info (name, project name, app name, etc.). This info will be used in your new project.

django-react-boilerplate - Django, React, Bootstrap 4 with Python 3 and webpack project boilerplate

  •    Python

For continuous integration, a CircleCI configuration .circleci/config.yml is included. This is a good starting point for modern Python/JavaScript web projects.

rules_node - Node rules for Bazel

  •    Python

These rules are a public copy of what we're using at Dropbox. We open sourced them because we think the community will benefit from seeing how we've done things, but we can't promise that these rules will be stable or maintained.My hope is that someone motivated will come along and take the best ideas from this set of rules, redfin/npm-bazel, and pubref/rules_node and create a set of "officially sanctioned" node rules under github.com/bazelbuild.

docker-django-webpack-skeleton - Django Skeleton W/ Docker Dev & Production W/ Webpack 2 W/ BabelJS W/ Sass W/ PostgreSQL

  •    Python

You can use Fabric to deploy your project to any docker supported env. You can make a pull request if you like project and ready to help with documentation.

GitDigger - The community for open source project

  •    Python

The community for open source project. It provides new ways to help developers discover and contributing to open source projects.

django-webpacker - A django compressor tool that bundles css, js files to a single css, js file with webpack and updates your html files with respective css, js file path

  •    Python

django-webpacker is a django compressor tool which bundles css, js files to a single css, js file with webpack and updates your html files with respective css, js file path. It supports django-storages to load compressed files from AWS S3.

cookiecutter-django-vue - Cookiecutter Django Vue is a template for Django-Vue projects.

  •    Python

Powered by Cookiecutter, inspired by Cookiecutter Django. These features can be enabled during initial project setup.

vbuild - "Compile" your VueJS components (*

  •    Python

It's just an utility to generate HTML(template), SCRIPT and STYLE from a VUE/SFC component (*.vue). It won't replace webpack/nodejs/vue-cli, it fills the "Sometimes you have to work with the tools you have, not the ones you want." gap. All classical JS vue/sfc components are compatibles. But now, you can use python component too.

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