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luminus-template - a template project for the Luminus framework

  •    Clojure

A Leiningen template for projects using Luminus. The template initializes a base Luminus application.

macchiato-core - Ring style HTTP server abstraction for Node.js

  •    Clojure

Macchiato Core implements core Ring 1.6 async handlers and middleware on top of Node.js. The API is kept same as the original Ring API whenever possible. See here for some example projects to get started.

closp - Leiningen template combining luminus, chestnut plus some goodies

  •    Clojure

closp has been changed significantly in 0.4 and upwards. Then open a repl and after startup enter: (start-dev-system) to startup the server. The clojurescript is compiled by running lein figwheel in the projects command line.