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HTML5 Boilerplate ASP.NET Web Application Project Template

  •    ASPNET

A Visual Studio 2010 project template for an ASP.NET Web Forms C# Web Application based on the boilerplate from http://html5boilerplate.com/


  •    DotNet

The MvcWebForm allows you to use WebControls inline with MVC. You use postbacks and validations controls just like before!

MinCms noninvasive ASP.NET WebForms System.


MinCMS noninvasive ASP.NET WebForms System. A simple helper to publish, manage, edit a CMS-like-WebForms-System.

AJAX Control Framework


Do PageMethods and the UpdatePanel make you feel dirty? Think building AJAX enabled ASP.NET applications should WAY easier than it is? Wish ASP.NET AJAX wasn't so bloated? You don't have to settle or compromise. Come see the light with the AJAX Control Framework.

Fredium CMS

  •    ASPNET

Fredium is a flexible and easy-to-use open source ASP.NET content management system.


  •    ASPNET

WebForms.ControlExtender simplify the creation of components which extend (or adds) their own properties to other controls or components in the Visual Studio ASP.NET designer.

Commerce Starter Kit for ASP.NET 3.0

  •    ASPNET

You will find the classic Commerce Starter Kit 2.0, created by Rob Conery, here as well as the new Commerce Starter Kit 3.0.


  •    JQuery

WebFu is a collection of tools that assist in using MVC/MVP functionality to webforms in an unobtrusive manner. It aims to be modular so that the library can be used in whole or liberally copied in part. This differs from a hybrid MVC/WebForms page in that you can use metho...

ViewState handlers

  •    ASPNET

Utilities to handle and persist viewstate to different persistence medium, including web page compressed viewstate (up to 60% viewstate in weight loss!), out of page viewstate persistence using many other persisters. Easy to configurate and use!

Exceptionless.Net - Exceptionless clients for the .NET platform

  •    CSharp

Refer to the Exceptionless documentation here: Exceptionless Docs.This section is for development purposes only! If you are trying to use the Exceptionless .NET libraries, please get them from NuGet.

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