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streams - Streams Standard

  •    HTML

This repository hosts the Streams Standard. Folks notice minor and larger issues with the Streams Standard all the time and we'd love your help fixing those. Pull requests for typographical and grammar errors are also most welcome.

wpt - Test suites for Web platform specs — including WHATWG, W3C, and others

  •    HTML

The web-platform-tests Project is a W3C-coordinated attempt to build a cross-browser testsuite for the Web-platform stack. Writing tests in a way that allows them to be run in all browsers gives browser projects confidence that they are shipping software that is compatible with other implementations, and that later implementations will be compatible with their implementations. This in turn gives Web authors/developers confidence that they can actually rely on the Web platform to deliver on the promise of working across browsers and devices without needing extra layers of abstraction to paper over the gaps left by specification editors and implementors. Clone or otherwise get https://github.com/web-platform-tests/wpt.

respec - A tool for creating technical documents and web standards

  •    Javascript

ReSpec is a JS library that makes it easier to write technical specifications, or documents that tend to be technical in nature in general. It was originally designed for the purpose of writing W3C specifications, but has since grown to be able to support other outputs as well. If you are just interested in writing a spec, you can grab the starter spec.



A test assertion library to assist in writing automated tests against websites. Allows for assertion of HTML validity, etc. Initially has support for MSTest but core is separated to allow for wrapping in layers for other testing frameworks later.

WebMIDIKit - Simplest MIDI Swift framework

  •    Swift

MIDI is a standard governing music software and music device interconnectivity. It lets you make music by sending data between applications and devices. WebMIDI is a browser API standard that brings the MIDI technology to the web. WebMIDI is minimal, it only describes MIDI port selection, receiving data from input ports and sending data to output ports. WebMIDI is currently implemented in Chrome & Opera. Note that WebMIDI is relatively low level as messages are still represented as sequences of UInt8s (bytes/octets).