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browser-perf - Performance Metrics for Web Browsers

  •    Javascript

Read more on why browser-perf here. Please see the wiki pages for more information. You can find information about supported browsers, getting started, command line usage, reference for the Node API etc.

perfjankie - Checking browser rendering performance regression

  •    Javascript

PerfJankie is a tool to monitor smoothness and responsiveness of websites and Cordova/Hybrid apps over time. It runs performance tests using browser-perf and saves the results in a CouchDB server. It also has a dashboard that displays graphs of the performance metrics collected over time that you help identify performance trends, or locate a single commit that can slow down a site. After running the tests, navigate to the following url to see the results dashboard.

perfslides - Slides and demo for PerfJankie/BrowserPerf

  •    CSS

A sample website to demonstrate the use of browser-perf and perfkanie

protractor-perf - E2E test framework to check for performance regressions in Angular apps

  •    Javascript

Just like Protractor is the end to end test case runner for AngularJS to check for functional regressions, this project is a way check for performance regressions while reusing the same test cases. Install protractor-perf using npm install -g protractor-perf.

plugin-lighthouse - A simple sitespeed.io lighthouse plugin to collect few performance metrics

  •    Javascript

You can read more about sitespeed.io plugins here. If you have checked out as the same level as sitespeed.io you run it like this (else just change the path).

page-weight - 🏋Measure page weight with puppeteer

  •    Javascript

Well, there you go: csabapalfi/byte-weight-breakdown. This module just focuses on page weight and not the ordering or timing of resources therefore avoids any complexity around these.