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webamp - A reimplementation of Winamp 2.9 in HTML5 and Javascript

  •    Javascript

A reimplementation of Winamp 2.9 in HTML5 and JavaScript. As seen on TechCrunch, Motherboard, Gizmodo, Hacker News (1, 2, 3), and elsewhere.

Tone.js - A Web Audio framework for making interactive music in the browser

  •    Javascript

Tone.js is a Web Audio framework for creating interactive music in the browser. The architecture of Tone.js aims to be familiar to both musicians and audio programmers creating web-based audio applications. On the high-level, Tone offers common DAW (digital audio workstation) features like a global transport for synchronizing and scheduling events as well as prebuilt synths and effects. Additionally, Tone provides high-performance building blocks to create your own synthesizers, effects, and complex control signals.

omnitone - Spatial Audio Rendering on the web.

  •    Javascript

Omnitone is a robust implementation of ambisonic decoding and binaural rendering written in Web Audio API. Its rendering process is powered by the fast native features from Web Audio API (GainNode and Convolver), ensuring the optimum performance. The implementation of Omnitone is based on the Google spatial media specification and SADIE's binaural filters. It also powers Resonance Audio SDK for web.

ion.sound - JavaScript plugin for playing sounds and music in browsers

  •    Javascript

JavaScript plugin for playing sounds on user actions and page events. Today websites are full of events (new mail, new chat-message, content update etc.). Often it is not enough to indicate this events only visually to get user attention. You need sounds! This library, made for playing small sounds, will help you with this task. Also, new version of Ion.Sound is capable to handle browser games audio. It has full control of loading, playing and removing audio files. And audio-sprites support of course.

waud - Web Audio Library

  •    Haxe

Web Audio Library with HTML5 audio fallback. Waud is a simple and powerful web audio library that allows you to go beyond HTML5's <audio> tag and easily take advantage of Web Audio API. It abstracts Web Audio API making it consistent and reliable across multiple platforms and browsers. It also falls back to HTML5 Audio on non-modern browsers where Web Audio API is not supported.

web-audio-api - Node.js implementation of Web audio API

  •    Javascript

This library implements the Web Audio API specification (also know as WAA) on Node.js. By default, web-audio-api doesn't play back the sound it generates. In fact, an AudioContext has no default output, and you need to give it a writable node stream to which it can write raw PCM audio. After creating an AudioContext, set its output stream like this : audioContext.outStream = writableStream.

standardized-audio-context - A cross-browser implementation of the AudioContext which aims to closely follow the standard

  •    Javascript

A cross-browser implementation of the AudioContext which aims to closely follow the standard. This package provides a subset of the Web Audio API which works in a reliable and consistent way in every supported browser. In contrast to other popular polyfills standardized-audio-context does not patch or modify anything on the global scope. In other words, it does not cause any side effects. It can therefore be used safely inside of libraries.

gibberish - Fast, JavaScript DSP library that creates JIT optimized audio callbacks using code generation techniques

  •    Javascript

Gibberish is designed to be a fast audio API for the browser. It takes the low-level building blocks provided by genish.js and uses them to create higher-level synthesizers, effects, and sequencers. Gibberish proceses each sample of each synthesis block one sample at a time, enabling a variety of effects not typically possible in browser-based synthesis systems, most importantly single-sample feedback loops and audio-rate modulation of scheduling. Note that this branch is for version 3 of the library. See the master branch for the pre-June 2017 version that is currently used in Gibber. There is also a tagged release of the older version (2.0.0).

steller - Sound Modeling framework using the Web Audio API

  •    Javascript

Steller is a small framework for building composeable sound models in Javascript using the Web Audio API. It features a GraphNode abstraction that encapsulates dynamic signal flow graphs, Param objects to add parameters of various kinds to objects and a Scheduler for sequencing audio events just in time. These classes are all available under the namespace org.anclab.steller. You can install the latest requirejs version of steller as a Bower component. This is the preferred method now due to its ease.

allen - Utilities for the Web Audio API

  •    CoffeeScript

Creates and returns an available AudioContext for the environment. If this method was called previously, or an AudioContext was set via setAudioContext(), then the same instance will be returned. Sets the AudioContext to be returned from getAudioContext().

audio-recorder-polyfill - MediaRecorder polyfill to record audio in Edge and Safari

  •    Javascript

MediaRecorder polyfill to record audio in Edge and Safari 11. Try it in online demo. We recommend creating separated webpack bundle with polyfill. In this case, polyfill will be downloaded only by Edge and Safari. Good browsers will download less.

notes-to-frequencies - Convert notes to frequencies for the Web Audio API

  •    Javascript

notes-to-frequencies turns notes in to frequencies. It is useful for creating music with the web audio api, where you need to set frequencies on oscillator nodes, but you want them to be notes and such.

tuner.coffee - A guitar tuner using getUserMedia + Web Audio API

  •    CoffeeScript

tuner.coffee aims to provide an accurate, real-time chromatic tuner, that can easily be dropped into any website. It uses modern browser features like the Web Audio API and the getUserMedia function to listen with the user's microphone and find the nearest pitch in real-time. This will create the tuner in your page, and ask the user for permission to use their microphone.

webgl-3d-animation - An interactive 3D animation using WebGL to depict a 2D predator prey ecology on a grid real-time mapped onto the surface of a 3D torus

  •    Javascript

Interactive 3D animation using WebGL showing a 2D predator prey ecology on a grid which is real-time mapped onto the surface of a 3D torus. node.js server side gives access to WAV format files which are rendered using Web Audio API

node-audiobuffer - An implementation of Web Audio API's AudioBuffer for node.js.

  •    Javascript

An implementation of Web Audio API's AudioBuffer for node.js. With extra-sugar for slicing, concatenating, creating, ... audiobuffers. Creates an empty AudioBuffer with numberOfChannels channels and length frames.

WAAClock - A comprehensive event scheduling tool for Web Audio API.

  •    Javascript

WAAClock is a small library to help you schedule things in time with Web Audio API. note : this library uses current Web Audio API specification. Some older browsers still use prefixed / deprecated function names. You can use Chris Wilson's AudioContext-MonkeyPatch if you want to support those older browsers as well.

web-audio-engine - Pure JS implementation of the Web Audio API

  •    Javascript

web-audio-engine provides some AudioContext class for each use-case: audio playback, rendering and simulation. StreamAudioContext writes raw PCM audio data to a writable node stream. It can be used to playback audio in realtime.

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