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PandoraPlayer - Lightweight music player for iOS, based on AudioKit and completely written in Swift

  •    Swift

PandoraPlayer is a lightweight music player for iOS, based on AudioKit and completely written in Swift, constructed to be fast, light and have a nice design. It can play iPod music / bundle music, Real-time two-channel visual equalizer, Standard controls etc.

WavesDevKit - Waves crypto in Javascript, more helpful waves functions

  •    Javascript

Waves blockchain, waves UI and DevKit remain in testnet mode. Until release API and crypto technologies might change drastically.Javascript development framework for Waves. Create transactions with Javascript, get the most used and needed Waves functions.

WavesGUI - Waves Client

  •    Javascript

Ever wanted to access your crypto funds quickly but had to wait for hours while the blockchain downloads first? The Waves Lite Client connects to public Waves nodes to retrieve up-to-date blockchain information.We provide all the cryptographic tools required to create addresses, sign and verify transactions for the Waves blockchain. The Lite Client reads all the data from the public nodes, creates the transaction directly in the browser, and simply broadcasts it in a finished state.

swagger-api-design - API design for all Waves products

  •    Javascript

You will be able to specify the API design file later, on the page opened in browser. And then open http://localhost.

waves-api - Waves API library for Node.js and browser

  •    TypeScript

Waves Platform core features and Waves API library for both Node.js and browser. The latest and most actual version of this documentation is hosted on GitHub.

WavesWallet-iOS - Waves Wallet on iOS

  •    Swift

This repository contains the source code for the Waves Wallet iOS app. This is the same repository as the now-defunct official Waves Wallet iOS app.

Blockswap - Swapping of tokens from Waves to Ethereum and back

  •    Javascript

Swapping of tokens from Waves to Ethereum and back. See the wiki for more information.

waves-ide - IDE for waves blockchain RIDE language

  •    TypeScript

This repository contains Waves Web IDE for RIDE smart contracts You can set default seed, default network byte and node url via settings.

waves-transactions - Build and sign(multi-sign) transactions for Waves blockchain.

  •    TypeScript

Using this library you can easily create and sign transactions for Waves blockchain. It also allows you to multi-sign existing transactions or create them without signature at all. Check full documentation on GitHub Pages.

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