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natural-language-classifier-nodejs-cli - Natural Language Classifier CLI tool

  •    Javascript

This is a command line interface (CLI) for the IBM Watson™ Natural Language Classifier service. For a list of available commands, run $ node natural-language-classifier-cli.js --help.

snap-and-translate - Build a hybrid mobile app that can capture an image,recognize text and translate it using Tesseract OCR & Watson Language Translator

  •    Javascript

In this Code Pattern, we will create a hybrid mobile app using Apache Cordova and Node.js server application running on IBM Cloud Kubernetes service that uses Tesseract OCR to recognize text in images, Watson Language Translator to translate the recognized text and Watson Natural Language Understanding to extract emotion,sentiment from the text. This mobile app translates the recognized text from the images captured or uploaded from the photo album. This Code Pattern contains several pieces. The Node.js server application running on IBM Cloud Kubernetes service communicates with the Tesseract OCR, Watson Language Translator and Watson Natural Language Understanding. Mobile application is built locally and runs on the Android/iOS phone.

cognitive-moderator-service - Create a cognitive moderator chatbot for anger detection, natural language understanding and explicit images removal

  •    Python

Make note of the service credentials when creating services which will be later used when creating a function. After the app is created, you will be taken to a page where you can configure the Slack app. Make note of Verification Token which will be used later in the function.

spring-boot-starter - Spring Boot support for Watson services

  •    Java

This project adds Spring Boot support for the Watson services. This means that you can now "auto-wire" any of the Watson services into your Spring Boot application using the standard Spring autoconfiguration framework.