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chokidar - A neat wrapper around node.js fs.watch / fs.watchFile / fsevents.

  •    Javascript

A neat wrapper around node.js fs.watch / fs.watchFile / fsevents.Chokidar resolves these problems.

watchr - Better file system watching for Node

  •    Javascript

Watchr provides a normalised API the file watching APIs of different node versions, nested/recursive file and directory watching, and accurate detailed events for file/directory creations, updates, and deletions.Older environments may need Babel's Polyfill or something similar.

chokidar-cli - Fast cross-platform cli utility to watch file system changes

  •    Javascript

Fast cross-platform command line utility to watch file system changes. It is used in brunch, gulp, karma, PM2, browserify, webpack, BrowserSync, socketstream, derby, and many others. It has proven itself in production environments.

Drive Watcher


Drive Watcher windows application in .net framework 4. watch the chosen path for any change



Extensible .NET Windows Explorer

sane - sane aims to be fast, small, and reliable filesystem watcher

  •    Javascript

Don't worry too much about choosing the correct mode upfront because sane maintains the same API across all modes and will be easy to switch. Watches a directory and all its descendant directories for changes, deletions, and additions on files and directories.

electron-reloader - Simple auto-reloading for Electron apps during development

  •    Javascript

It just works. When files used in the main process are changed, the app is restarted, and when files used in the browser window are changed, the page is reloaded.Note that it will not work correctly if you transpile the main process JS files of your app, but it doesn't make sense to do that anyway.

navelgazer - :tangerine::crystal_ball: A super fast, light weight, simple file watcher and platform layer for gaze

  •    C++

A platform layer for gaze. Watch files consistently across Windows, OSX and Linux. navelgazer is a super fast, light weight and simple file watcher. It will only ever emit change, delete and rename events. This library is ideal if you're looking for a stable platform to build your own file watcher.

assets-pack - Clever packing of .css, .less, .js files

  •    Javascript

The module is meant to be used in development mode. I.e. it is not a tool that you can add in production phase. It simply watches for changes in a specific directory and pack your assets. The module's configuration works with json configuration. When it is used via the command like you should place your settings in .json file.

fs.notify - File change notification that doesn't suck hairy monkey balls and just works.

  •    Javascript

fs.notify was born out of annoyance. The state of the fs#watch API in Node.js is sad, it assumes that you as developer build your own abstraction on top of it, because it basically can't guarantee file names or that it even works on all platforms. And all other "simple" watching modules had to much bugs and performance issues. oh and it pleases my NIH syndrome. fs.notify is file watching module for Node.js that doesn't suck hairy monkey balls and actually works.

run-when-changed - Selectively executes commands when watched files are changed.

  •    Javascript

Selectively executes commands when watched files are changed (Nix & Win32). Having more than one exec passed per watch will execute multiple commands per file when there's a change event.

jeelizGlanceTracker - JavaScript/WebGL lib: detect if the user is looking at the screen or not from the webcam video feed


This JavaScript/WebGL library detects if the user is looking at the screen or not. It is very robust to all lighting conditions and lightweight (only 150KB gzipped for the main script and the neural network JSON model). It is great for playing a video only if the user is watching it. In the paths /integrationDemo*, there are several integration examples. You can host them through a static HTTPS server.