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Sharepoint SP2010 - Warmup


SP2010 Warmup is an .exe file written in c# which warmups your whole sp2010 Farm. Warmup includes: Central Administration, Mysites, Other Webapplications No longer waiting :) and it´s an alternative to powershell



SharePoint.WarmUp (by Sogeti) is a SharePoint 2010 feature deploying a job in charge to keep all SharePoint sites (and additional URL if needed) awake.

warmup - Warmup server apps by hitting URLs or performing tasks.

  •    Javascript

Simple module to warmup a server application (such as an Express app) by hitting server URLs and performing various tasks. This module also allows a worker to be warmed up before it is added to a cluster. The warmup module works by starting the app on a random HTTP port. This allows the application to be started without accepting traffic.