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a11y - Accessibility audit tooling for the web (beta)

  •    Javascript

PhantomJS, which is used for generating the screenshots, is installed automagically, but in some rare cases it might fail to and you'll get an Error: spawn EACCES error. Download PhantomJS manually and reinstall a11y if that happens.

wai-routes - Typesafe URLs for Haskell Wai applications

  •    Haskell

Wai-routes is a micro web framework for Haskell that focuses on typesafe URLs. Wai-routes is based on the Haskell Web Application Interface and uses it for most of the heavy lifting. It also provides a convenient but thin veneer over most of the wai API so it is unnecessary to directly use raw wai APIs when building web apps.

wai-tutorials - W3C WAI’s Web Accessibility Tutorials

  •    CSS

This is the repository for the WAI tutorials, see current draft. Basically, editing files works like a Wiki.

realworld-app-simple-haskell - TDD with Clean Architectecture (aka Hexagonal, Ports & adapter) in Haskell

  •    Haskell

A "simple Haskell" web app in order to show how Haskell shines at building "standard" apps with industrial practices (tdd & bdd). Following the Port & Adapter architecture, the frameworks can be replaced with one another. To illustrate this, the app let you choose between 2 http servers and 2 storage backends at startup (see below), they also pass the same test suite.

wai-cli - Command line runner for Wai apps (using Warp) with TLS, CGI, socket activation & graceful shutdown

  •    Haskell

Extracted from sweetroll and microformats2-parser's demo web app. Now used in the magicbane framework (which was also extracted from sweetroll).

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