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valimate - Automated HTML validation via Node.js

  •    Javascript

Valimate is a configurable command line interface for validating local and remote websites against the Nu HTML Checker. It can be easily integrated with continuous integration pipelines and regression test suites. To validate these URLs, run ./node_modules/.bin/valimate in your terminal or valimate within the context of an npm script. Valimate will read the config; each URL is requested via HTTP GET, and the returned markup is sent to the Nu validator.

Unicorn - Unicorn - W3C's Unified Validator

  •    Java

Unicorn is W3C's unified validator, which helps people improve the quality of their Web pages by performing a variety of checks. Unicorn gathers the results of the popular HTML and CSS validators, as well as other useful services. Note that this file is very important because it will give permissions to read and write files under Unicorn servlet dir, but also to connect to distant hosts (observers).

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