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webdriver-rust - Library implementing the wire protocol for the W3C WebDriver standard.

  •    Rust

As of right now this is an implementation for the server side of the WebDriver API in Rust, not the client side.

webmention.rocks - a webmention validator and test suite

  •    PHP

Webmention Rocks! is a validator to help you test your Webmention implementation. Several kinds of tests are available on the site. This software uses Redis to cache responses, so make sure you have Redis installed locally, or point it to a remote Redis server in the config file.

websub.rocks - Test suite and debug utilities for W3C WebSub

  •    PHP

WebSub test suite and debugging utility. You can test your Publisher, Subscriber and Hubs using websub.rocks.

Robots.txt-Parser-Class - Php class for robots.txt parse

  •    PHP

PHP class to parse robots.txt rules according to Google, Yandex, W3C and The Web Robots Pages specifications. Full list of supported specifications (and what's not supported, yet) are available in our Wiki.

MangoServer - A MongoDB implementation of the W3C Web Annotation Protocol

  •    Python

A MongoDB implementation of the W3C Web Annotation Protocol

prov - A Python library for W3C Provenance Data Model (PROV)

  •    Python

See a short tutorial for using this package. This package is used extensively by ProvStore, a free online repository for provenance documents.

X.Web.Sitemap - Simple sitemap generator for .NET and .NET Core

  •    CSharp

Below is a more comprehensive example that demonstrates how to create many sitemaps and how to add them to a sitemap index file in a unit-testable fashion.

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