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red - A fast, in-kernel, ad-hoc point-to-point vxlan network.

  •    C

A fast, in-kernel, ad-hoc point-to-point vxlan network. This project interacts with redd to build virtual networks. The redd project is the daemon that interacts with the kernel's vxlan module. This project is the command-line utility used to interact with redd. Add ip to the vxlan interface. Must specify with the cidr (

VxWireguard-Generator - Utility to generate VXLAN over Wireguard mesh SD-WAN configuration

  •    Python

Now you have all your nodes on the save virtual Ethernet. You may run routing protocol designed for mesh networks (e.g. Babel, EIGRP) on interface vwg-meshvpn to announce connected network segments to each other, and to calculate the best forwarding route between each node.

koko - Connect containers as point-to-point connection, using veth/vxlan/vlan/macvlan

  •    Go

koko is a simple tool which connects between Docker containers/linux netns processes with veth devices/vxlan of linux kernel. Using koko, you can simply make point-to-point connection for containers without linux bridges. See releases page.

vxlan - overlay network base on linux virtual VXLan switch.

  •    Go

This is a toy used to learn VXLAN. Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) is a network virtualization technology that attempts to address the scalability problems associated with large cloud computing deployments. It uses a VLAN-like encapsulation technique to encapsulate OSI layer 2 Ethernet frames within layer 4 UDP datagrams.

redd - The red management plane daemon.

  •    C

Redd is a management plain for the Linux vxlan module. The Linux vxlan module can use multicast to auto-discover peers, and send broadcast packets (like arp requests). Many datacenters don't handle multicast traffic very well when hosts are on different network segments. The other method is to seed the forwarding database with the location to find the IPs. This doesn't work very well if you want to have IPs switch between machines. Redd is a compromise between the two. Redd listens for multicast packets and sends a copy of it out to each node in a list allowing hosts that can't multicast to each other to talk to each other. This allows arp requests and other broadcast packets to be delivered to each host that needs them. Path to file where a pidfile is stored. Defaults to "/var/run/red.pid".

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