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vuvuzela - Private messaging system that hides metadata

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Vuvuzela is a messaging system that protects the privacy of message contents and message metadata. Users communicating through Vuvuzela do not reveal who they are talking to, even in the presence of powerful nation-state adversaries. Our SOSP 2015 paper explains the system, its threat model, performance, limitations, and more. Our SOSP 2015 slides give a more graphical overview of the system. Vuvuzela is the first system that provides strong metadata privacy while scaling to millions of users. Previous systems that hide metadata using Tor (such as Pond) are prone to traffic analysis attacks. Systems that encrypt metadata using techniques like DC-nets and PIR don't scale beyond thousands of users.

vuvuzela - Simple and non-recursive JSON parse/stringify library

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Simple and non-recursive JSON parse/stringify library. The vuvuzela is a coarse instrument, but it's lightweight, and it gets the job done.

alpenhorn - Bootstrapping Secure Communication without Leaking Metadata

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Alpenhorn is the first system for initiating an encrypted connection between two users that provides strong privacy and forward secrecy guarantees for metadata. Alpenhorn does not require out-of-band communication other than knowing your friend's Alpenhorn username (usually their email address). Alpenhorn's design, threat model, and performance are described in our OSDI 2016 paper. In short, Alpenhorn works well for bootstrapping conversations in Vuvuzela. Now users can start chatting on Vuvuzela without having to exchange keys in person or over some less secure channel.