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VulkanTutorial-Android - Step by step tutorial of Vulkan on Android, follow https://vulkan-tutorial

  •    C++

Step by step tutorial of Vulkan on Android, follow https://vulkan-tutorial.com. Conan support is setup according to this tutorial, to install conan, run pip install conan.

Vulkan-Cookbook - Code repository for Vulkan Cookbook by Packt

  •    C++

This is the code repository for Vulkan Cookbook, published by Packt. All the example workflows that are mentioned in the book are present in the package. Vulkan is the next generation graphics API released by the Khronos group. It is expected to be the successor to OpenGL and OpenGL ES, which it shares some similarities with such as its cross-platform capabilities, programmable pipeline stages, or nomenclature. Vulkan is a low-level API that gives developers much more control over the hardware, but also adds new responsibilities such as explicit memory and resources management. With it, though, Vulkan is expected to be much faster.