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easy-php - A Faster Lightweight Full-Stack PHP Framework :rocket:

  •    PHP

Why do we need to build a PHP framework by ourself? Maybe the most of people will say "There have so many PHP frameworks be provided, but we still made a wheel?". My point is "Made a wheel is not our purpose, we will get a few of knowledge when making a wheel which is our really purpose".

mediagui - vuejs / vuex powered application

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tl;dr mediaGUI is a web based app to catalogue a movie library. It scans the folders you choose looking for movies, then fetch metadata from themoviedb.org and The OMDB API.mediaGUI's main objective is to be rewritten whenever I want to learn a new technology.

vuejs-serverside-template-xss - Demo of a Vue

  •    PHP

This repository demonstrates how web apps that use both serverside rendering and Vue.js can be vulnerable to XSS even if they take precautions. index.php is a vulnerable PHP script. fix-v-pre.php and fix-servervars-global.php are fixed versions of the vulnerable script. The rest of this README walks through how to exploit the vulnerability, shows how to fix the vulnerability and then discusses the scope and impact of such a vulnerability.


  •    Python

This python package will be no longer updated. The most annoying part in creating a web application is to actually create the files and import them in other components. We've solved the problem by using draw.io as editor and a little python program to parse the generated UML file and create the file and directory structures.