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VueCnodeJS - Vue2.x 初/中级项目,CnodeJS社区重构。(Vue.js Junior Project, Rewrite cnodejs.org )预览(DEMO):

  •    Vue


PenguinUpload - A self-hostable, fully featured file hosting service

  •    CSharp

PenguinUpload is a self-hostable web application that lets users upload and share files. PenguinUpload was inspired by sr.ht.

Eva - Eva : 优雅,简约的完整博客项目 [前后端] (Eva: A concise, simple Blog Project. [FD/BD]) DEMO:

  •    Javascript

Eva : 优雅,简约的完整博客项目 [前后端] (Eva: A concise, simple Blog Project. [FD/BD]) DEMO:

vue-page-stack - Routing and navigation for your Vue SPA. Vue 单页应用导航管理器

  •    Javascript

A Vue SPA navigation manager,cache the UI in the SPA like a native application, rather than destroy it. If you want to make some animate entering or leaving, vue-page-stack offers stack-key-dir to judge forward or backward.

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