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brook - Brook is a cross-platform(Linux/MacOS/Windows/Android/iOS) proxy software

  •    Go

Brook is a cross-platform(Linux/MacOS/Windows/Android/iOS) proxy/vpn software. Brook's goal is to reduce the configuration steps. Keep it simple, stupid.

gnirehtet - Gnirehtet provides reverse tethering for Android

  •    Java

This project provides reverse tethering over adb for Android: it allows devices to use the internet connection of the computer they are plugged on. It does not require any root access (neither on the device nor on the computer). It works on GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS. Currently, it relays TCP and UDP over IPv4 traffic, but it does not support IPv6 (yet?).

SimpleRT - Simple Reverse Tethering utility for Android

  •    C

Reverse Tethering utility for Android. Allows you to share your computer's internet connection with your Android device via a USB cable.

VPNHotspot - Share your VPN connection over hotspot or repeater! (root required)

  •    Kotlin

P.S. You can also do the similar on Windows, Mac, and iOS. I don't know about you but I can't get my stupid Windows 10 to work with hosted network now that they introduced this Mobile hotspot. This app is designed to do only minimal changes to your system, so there's almost no chance you will brick your device and/or break your Internet using this app under normal conditions. However there's also absolutely no guarantee it won't.

tincapp - Android binding and user interface for the tinc mesh VPN daemon.

  •    Kotlin

Android binding and user interface for the tinc mesh VPN daemon. The project can be built using the Gradle build task, on Linux.

auto-fi - An Android app to automatically connect to open wifi networks and tunnel traffic over a VPN

  •    C

Auto Fi automatically connects to nearby open wifi networks, attempts to click through captive portal agreements and then tunnels all traffic over a secure VPN. Auto Fi uses OpenVPN, based heavily on the ics-openvpn Android app.

wireguard-kt - WireGuard Android client rewritten with the best of Android Jetpack

  •    Kotlin

This is an under construction rewrite of the WireGuard Android GUI. This fork was initiated for me to have someplace for me to work on the app where I decide what goes in, not somebody else with zero app development experience or sense of UX. Note: on macOS you also need to install the GNU coreutils package through homebrew.