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gh-polls - Polls for user feedback in GitHub issues

  •    Go

User polls for GitHub powered by Up.These polls work by pasting individual markdown SVG images into your issue, each wrapped with a link that tracks a vote. A single vote per IP is allowed for a given poll, which are stored in DynamoDB.

minime - Minimi Token. ERC20 compatible clonable token

  •    Javascript

Anybody can create a new clone token from any token using this contract with an initial distribution identical to the original token at a specified block. The address calling the createCloneToken function will become the token controller and the token's default settings can be specified in the function call. Once the clone token is created, it acts as a completely independent token, with it's own unique functionalities.

Votanet Open Vote


Sistema de votaciones online

Customer Feedback System


PollBox is a ASP.NET MVC based open source customer feedback system, where customer can vote ideas and company can always see what the majority really lacks.

RolyPoll: Social Voting


A web and mobile application for distributed decision making.

BlockVotes - An e-voting system based on blockchain using ring signature

  •    PHP

E-voting systems will be beneficial to all people who are involved in elections. For example, administrators can improve operation of tasks for elections, and voters can vote in an election anytime and anywhere. In addition, ideal e-voting systems have transparency, completeness (only voters have the right to vote and their votes are correctly counted), and verifiability (voters can check that their vote is correctly counted), and therefore it is better than existing voting system. Digital voting is the use of electronic devices, such as voting machines or an internet browser, to cast votes. These are sometimes referred to as e-voting whenvoting using a machine in a polling station, and e-voting when using a web browser.

skiff-algorithm - Raft implementation in Node.js

  •    Javascript

Abstract Node.js implementation of the Raft Consensus Algorithm.If you're looking for a directly usable module, take a look at skiff (on top of LevelDB + Msgpack).

vote.wdgt - Free Proof-of-Work API for fancy Vote Counting widgets

  •    Javascript

Free Proof-of-Work API for fancy Vote Counting widgets.See website for a demonstration and embedding guide.

simple-vote - An open-source, live updating, voting platform.

  •    TypeScript

SimpleVote is an open-source, self-hostable, live-updating voting/polling platform, for both live meetings, or extended polls.Polls can be dynamic, meaning users can(if allowed) contribute options and questions themselves.

GotToVote - GotToVote is a toolkit of simple web and SMS services that help citizens get to the ballot box informed and ready to vote

  •    Javascript

GotToVote started off as a simple experiment to make data otherwise locked in government, useful to the general public. When the Independent Electoral & Boundaries Commission released voter registration centres locations information in the 2013 Kenyan Elections, they made it available as a PDF on their otherwise always unavailable website. The Code4Kenya fellows then set out in 24hrs to create an experiment that was so simple and direct with this PDF that it went viral without any marketing campaign.

govtrack-node - A Node.js wrapper for the GovTrack data API

  •    Javascript

A Node.js wrapper for the GovTrack data API. This module mirrors the GovTrack API endpoints as detailed at http://www.govtrack.us/developers/api. Please refer to this link for more information on available parameters and the returned data.

mongoose-voting - Mongoose plugin for upvote/downvote models

  •    Javascript

Mongoose plugin to upvote/downvote stuff. Extends any model with handy methods for voting. Upvotes document by user. user can be either a model instance (like User), an ObjectId or even the hex string from ObjectId.

vote-profile - voting profile for fair vote aggregation

  •    Javascript

The profile is the interface, there will be a simple express server made available soon on a seperate repository. Creating a voting rule is easy, simply make a function that takes a profile as an input, and outputs an object, with the names of the alternatives as keys, and the score of that candidate as values, the profile has a few helper methods: profile.each takes a visitFunction and runs that function on each group of similiar ballots. (e.g. for an object that looks like this {ordering:["a","b","c"],numVotes:33}) look in the folder "methods" for examples.

Ranked-Vote - a Ranked-Voting system for developers using GitHub

  •    Javascript

A ranked voting system with github authentication. You need to have node.js installed (Download), then restart, after restarting call npm update.

voting-app - An application for casting votes on new webpack features and fixes.

  •    Javascript

This repository contains all the source for the voting application found at webpack.js.org/vote. All development of this application should happen here. Upon release, this package is deployed as an npm package and then picked up by the other repository.

election-geodata - Precinct shapes (and vote results) for US elections past, present, and future

  •    Makefile

I've been reading Mike Migurski's excellent blog series 1 and 2, on US election data and redistricting and this repo is in repsonse to his call for better data. For analysis to be rigorous, geographic shape data is needed at the precinct level, and vote results for local races like state house, state senate, and federal representative to the U.S. Congress is essential. They must be matched up per year, as precinct voting districts often change each election.

vue-poll - A Vue.js component for voting

  •    Vue

Define vue-poll component markup inside your custom component. The question of the poll.

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